Victoria's Secret Bombshell Luxe Eau de Parfum

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Victoria's Secret Bombshell Luxe Eau de Parfum

Everything about this new fragrance from Victoria’s Secret is making us want to walk up to a Vickie’s cashier and yell, “Just take our money!” From the lovely bling bling presentation to the the rich citrus notes this fragrance would truly make any girl feel like a bombshell! Let’s take a quick tour of this luxurious perfume starting from the outside working our way inside.

First off, a round of applause for the Victoria’s Secret design team when it came to Bombshell’s creative and decadent look. The bottle boast an elaborate display of Swarovski crystals that immediately ooze old Hollywood glamour. Think of the old starlets who sat before their vanity mirrors giving themselves a quick spritz before walking onto set or meeting adoring fans. Oh yeah babes, can’t you just feel the allure!

Moreover, your $250 fragrance comes in a fancy black lacquered box that possesses a key just in case you want to lock away your valuable scented friend in crime. We love the touch of the lock box because it just adds to the limited edition feel. This is not your ordinary perfume, you are going to want to treat this one like the treasure it is and then some.

Besides, a great design the scent itself is a combination of florals and fruits that will make you feel like the good but bad girl (insert devil emoticon). The Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Luxe Eau de Parfum contains notes of purple passion fruit, shangri-la peony and vanilla orchid. So then, all and all you can not lose with this fragrance it is definitely one bangin’, sexy perfume for the winter.

Victoria's Secret Bombshell Luxe Eau de Parfum2