Hair Envy: Laura Govan's Chic Exaggerated Pompadour Cut

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Hair Envy Laura Govan's Chic Exaggerated Pompadour Cut

Laura Govan always sets the standard when it comes to rocking a mean haircut. Govan once again does not disappoint in the hair department as she takes short hair up a level…literally. If you are worried about hair diversity when it comes to shorter lengths do not be dismayed from living out your hair dream. Whether long or short there numerous options for when you are feeling a little more creative.

If you follow Laura on Instagram (her profile can found by searching for @lauragovan) you will notice that she keeps her tresses seriously looped off. Moreover, we love pixie and cropped cuts on her because when you have such a beautiful face why hide behind it will loads of hair anyway? In a recent photoshoot lensed by photographer Erick Robinson (he’s on the gram as well as @imerickrobinson) Laura displays her fierce super high pompadour with sides fashioned in gorgeous finger waves.

Hair Envy Laura Govan's Chic Exaggerated Pompadour Cut2

Her hair is a beautiful mix of vintage as well as modern hair design. As a side note we loved that her couture and makeup were more streamlined so that the focus could radiate off her lovely mane. Therefore, if you are a daring gal who likes to walk on the wild side with elegant flair then this style will suit you to a “T!”

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