Should I Tie My Hair Up If I Wear Braids?

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Should I Tie My Hair Up If I Wear Braids?

Lately, on various social media platforms we have been seeing memes portraying what it’s like when #GrowingUpBlack. One childhood memory that comes flooding back into our minds deals with a scarf and a single pink foam roller for our bangs. Oh yes, growing up any black girl can remember learning how to tie up her hair at night. Why was this a necessary step when getting ready for bedtime? It is because our mothers, grandmothers, aunts, you name it recognized that this simple technique could provide protection against hair damage.

Should I Tie My Hair Up If I Wear Braids2

Nevertheless, what about if you wear a particular hairstyle such as braids, is it still necessary to perform the tie up at night? Some may make the argument that braids are a protective style in itself so tying them up is not really a needed step at night. However, is this truly the case?

Yes, braids are a protective hairstyle, but without proper care you can still cause hair damage. Always tie up your braids at night in order to protect them from any friction that occurs as the head rests on pillows and bed sheets. Moreover, never use cotton scarves, aim for one that is made with satin, silk or nylon. Cotton scarves have actually been known to pull on extensions or any hair protruding from your braids. Therefore, keep braids looking their best as well as protect strands by wrapping up your hair regardless of the hairstyle.

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