Paris Fashion Week: Guy Laroche Spring 2019 -Fashion and Makeup Recap

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Guy Laroche Spring 2019

Are you ready to go back? Creative Director Richard Rene, for the Guy Laroche fashion house, took his audience back to the era of 1981; where Charles and Diana get hitched, MTV launches and you could go see Raiders of the Lost Ark or Superman II. You know right where history typically acknowledges that the glamour and excitement typified by the 80’s began. The Guy Laroche Spring 2019 show is not only a nod to 80’s greatness; but an amazing freeze frame view of opulent style from the “decade of excess.”

Paris Fashion Week: Guy Laroche Spring 2019 -Fashion and Makeup Recap

Guy Laroche Spring 2019

As a quick reminder or lesson in the French fashion scene. Guy Laroche started his career in the fashion industry in 1949. Due to his talent and vision in just 7 years Guy would create his very own luxury label for womenswear. Even after his death in 1989 the brand continues to dominate in setting the bar high.

Even for the Spring 2019 fashion show respect for the artistry that is Guy Laroche flair can clearly be seen. There were so many lined up and milling around to get into the show, yet it was clearly and utterly apparent that the venue would not be able to hold everyone. Nonetheless, those who made it inside definitely will never forget it.

The “Shadow and Light” show put on by Richard Rene delivered with references of punk, edge, and futuristic vibes. Strong tailoring and fab silhouettes were also apparent. Nevertheless, our favorite element had to be the use of monochromatic tones, a signature of Rene. So uncomplicated and straightforward but still packing a powerful couture punch.

Guy Laroche Spring 2019

Furthermore, in keeping with the eighties theme and essence, several models of color hit the runway with sculpted flat tops. Think Grace Jones and Bobby Brown and you will instantly get the picture. Seriously, these ladies looked like the epitome of cool. Other styles noted included cornrows, deep side parts, dyed hair color and sleek, slicked back “pompadour” tresses.

Guy Laroche Spring 2019 Guy Laroche Spring 2019

Paris Fashion Week: Guy Laroche Spring 2019 -Fashion and Makeup Recap (Continued)

Quickly let’s get into the beauty look for the Guy Laroche SS19 fashion show. Normally, one or just a couple looks are given to the models going down a designer’s catwalk. However, Laroche’s show went total glam and beauty excessive.

Makeup extraordinaire, Kabuki, led the charge in creating the signature makeup looks for the show. Regarding the process and beauty variation, Kabuki reveals,

“MAC Cosmetics enabled me to create 15 individualized makeup looks for Guy Laroche this season! [For instance] here I am applying a mix of yellow and white lip-mix.”

Guy Laroche Spring 2019

Yes, Kabuki created not one, not two, but a total of 15 looks! Enough for two weeks worth of glam daily. Moreover, the show showcased extremely bold color on the eyes, brows and lips; while the rest of the face was kept quite au natural.

Yellow, blue, green and pink all found their way into the mix. Nonetheless, we felt that the makeup served as a nice departure from the collection’s simplistic color palette. Although, black and white will forever be deemed classic and chic tones. A hint of color perfectly pops and marries the two color spectrums together seamlessly. Just check out some of the Guy Laroche beauty inspo below to see just how beautiful, boisterous color looks against black and white; and how it will also be a big trend for next spring!

Guy Laroche Spring 2019 Guy Laroche Spring 2019Guy Laroche Spring 2019 Guy Laroche Spring 2019 Guy Laroche Spring 2019

Are you daring enough to give bold color makeup a try? Well, if not makeup, maybe statement accessories will be more your bag. For instance, for the spring 2019 collection, Laroche incorporated exaggerated shaped eyewear and earrings into its couture equation. Bringing the overall look into a more harmonized retro, yet refreshing modern realm. All in all another great show by a master of high-end fashion!

Guy Laroche Spring 2019

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Guy Laroche Spring 2019 Guy Laroche Spring 2019Guy Laroche Spring 2019 Guy Laroche Spring 2019Guy Laroche Spring 2019 Guy Laroche Spring 2019

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