Fenty Beauty Cognac Candy Body Lava + Diamond Bomb!

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Fenty Beauty Cognac Candy


Rihanna is seriously biting into our quarantine money! We are not even a quarter into the year and already the Queen has spoken; and is hitting us with two more new releases. What’s going down? The Fenty Beauty Cognac Candy Body Lava AND Diamond Bomb drops! New tone, same products, but all NEW Fire!

Are you ready? Well, honey you better get ready! These new releases are about to take spring and summer beauty skincare by storm! Both are offering your skin the ultimate glow up. In liquid as well as shimmer pan form.


Fenty Beauty Cognac Candy


Which will be very helpful since due to the Coronavirus pandemic, most of us will not be seeing the light of day very much until the quarantine and lockdowns have been lifted. Nevertheless, don’t let being coup up inside prevent you from attaining OR maintaining your skin’s luminous glow. With the help of Body Lava and / or Diamond Bomb your skin is sure to sparkle; and glisten like you have spent the day relaxing in the islands!

Fenty Beauty Cognac Candy Body Lava + Diamond Bomb!


Fenty Beauty Cognac Candy


Diamond Bomb as well as Body Lava are already well known for their sparkling attributes. But do you know WHY they are so effective? Well, we are about to tell ya! First off, we will start with Fenty Beauty’s Body Lava Luminizer. The cosmetics brand reveals that it is,

“The ultimate gel-based body luminizer that veils skin in a gloriously dewy, high-shine finish—now in an all-new, limited-edition copper shade COGNAC CANDY, plus the two cult-favorites you know and love, WHO NEEDS CLOTHES?! and BROWN SUGAR.

That post-vacay glow is now yours year-round with this smooth, gel-based body luminizer that glides on and leaves skin feeling dewy to the touch. Get ready to bathe your skin in a gloriously high-shine finish that does to your body what highlighter does to your cheekbones.



Celebrate the look and feel of glistening skin after a day of island hopping. Light-diffusing micropearls blended with a sheer tint of color accentuate all skin tones for a silky, sun-soaked sheen any time of the year. Strip down in WHO NEEDS CLOTHES?!, a radiant rose gold; glow hard in BROWN SUGAR, a lustrous bronze, or light up in limited-edition COGNAC CANDY; a sparkling copper. Delivered in a generously sized bottle; Body Lava’s ultimate drenched-in-light radiance—plus its addictive floral vanilla scent—was born to dew your body right.”

Fenty Beauty Cognac Candy Body Lava + Diamond Bomb -More of the Details

Absolutely, bomb right? Well, we never EVER forget when we first tried out Body Lava. Literally, one swipe and our skin seriously GLOWED! It was beautiful and the bottle size will last you for a LONG time. Making it well worth the price tag.

Nevertheless, ready to move on to the fantastic benefits of Diamond Bomb? Let’s! In regards to this product Fenty Beauty says,

“[It’s] an one-of-a-kind diamond-dusted highlighter that applies like a 3D glittering veil, delivering pure, show-stopping sparkle all over the face and body.

Ice yourself in insane diamond-dusted sparkle. Diamond Bomb takes glitter to a whole new extreme in a shimmering 3D formula that’ll leave your face and body crystal-coated, the way only Rihanna knows how.



This highlighter features a unique jelly-powder formula that’s bouncy, cool to the touch, and melts into skin like butter. It’s loaded with 100% pure brilliance to create an all-glitz-no-grit finish that decks out every skin tone. Look and feel like a million bucks in cult-favorite shade How Many Carats?!, a pure platinum sparkle, or blaze up in limited-edition Cognac Candy, a pure copper sparkle. All of this glittery goodness even comes in a faceted jewel-like compact you’ll never want to put down.”

The Inspiration Behind Diamond Bomb and Body Lava



As you can see, these new Fenty Beauty Cognac Candy tone products are sure to give you natural, sun kissed glow! BUT DID YOU KNOW… Rihanna was deeply inspired to create both Diamond Glow and Body Lava? What influenced her? In short, her own personal fashion as well as the allure of light itself. Read her actual quotes below!

“It makes you look like you’re dripping in light—there’s nothing else like it. With a body veil like this, who needs clothes?!”Rihanna on Body Lava Illuminizer

“You can never have enough diamonds! This is the closest thing to bathing in it. The sparkle in this is just insane!”Rihanna, on Diamond Bomb All-Over Diamond Veil, which was inspired by the crystal dress Rihanna rocked at CFDA 2014.

Fenty Beauty Cognac Candy Body Lava + Diamond Bomb -What Else to Love

What we love about these products is the COLOR! Rihanna added yet another stunning shade to her popular lineup of products. Cognac is rich, warm coppery shade that will look gorgeous on a large range of skin tones. Just look at these swatches!



Cognac Candy Body Lava Body Luminizer Swatches



Cognac Candy Diamond Bomb All Over Diamond Veil Swatches

Furthermore, REAL Cognac is super expensive because it’s such a high quality and being a long complicated process to manufacture. So in a sense, it’s like Rihanna is saying that she wants our skin to look super expensive AND as delicious as candy. People… we have no choice but to Stan.

The Budget -Getting Real With the Price

New releases are great, but in these times, let’s be honest they can be kind of tough. Sometimes it can be hard to justify a purchase when there is necessities to think about. However, Rihanna thought ahead.

Right now Cognac Candy Body Lava is retailing for $59, while the Diamond Bomb version is sitting at a price point of $39. Paying straight out for those may not be in the budget right, but Fenty Beauty does offer After Pay.



For instance, want the Diamond Bomb item? All you have to do is just make a one payment every month that will total less than $10. For just 4 payments of $9.75 it can be apart of your makeup bag.

What about the Body Lava? You will have to pay out about $5 more a month. With 4 payments of $14.75 you can soon be slathering your body in coppery goodness.

Best part? There’s no interest! You won’t have to pay extra every month. Each payment is interest free. So then, get yours on March 20th at Fentybeauty.com, HarveryNichols.com , SEPHORA and Sephora at JCP.