John Legend Home Concert -"Together at Home" IG Livestream Concert!

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John Legend Home Concert


GREEN LIGHTTTTTTTT!!! To enjoy yourself even in the comfort of your own home! The talented John Legend Home Concert “Together at Home” IG Live Stream is helping to take the edge off for many quarantined citizens. As lockdowns continue to increase, many are searching for ways to not only fill the time; but just actually still have some fun.

To fill this need, several music artists have put together free live streaming concerts. For instance, Coldplay’s Chris Martin hit his fans with a home concert that was loved by many it. It was this event that the wheels turning for John Legend.

John Legend Home Concert -“Together at Home” IG Livestream Concert!

On twitter Legend gave credit to Martin for this idea of playing free concerts at home. Then he proceeded to give details on how fans could watch his concert at 1pm Pacific time.



What we love about all of these free at home concerts is that they are filling several needs. One of them is painfully obvious. Boredom. The other is that many are or either are going to be flat broke; and just needing to hold onto the cash they still have in order to successfully ride out this Covid 19 pandemic.

Nevertheless, sickness or not, this doesn’t downplay the need for people to enjoy themselves. A normal healthy person needs it to stay healthy both psychologically and physically. Therefore, giving a people an outlet through music is an awesome solution to such a problem.

Furthermore, this event also helps to solve one of the biggest challenges facing us all. The need to engage in social distancing and go into quarantine. Just about every health organization as well as public official has admitted to this being the part of the necessary components to minimizing the effects of the novel Coronavirus pandemic.

However, this is simply not happening everywhere like it should. There’s countless photos of people at bars, restaurants and beaches. To the point that major cities are now more forcibly being placed under lockdown.

How to Watch … It’s Simple! Plus, Troubleshooting

First, things first, you’re the realest for supporting John! Second, all you need is the Instagram app. Once you’re in the app navigate to John’s Instagram page, his handle is literally just his name. Therefore, in the search box you would simply type “johnlegend.” No spaces and look for his page (look for the blue check mark so you know it’s really him); and click on it.



On his page? Good! You’ll know you’re there if it says he’s got 12 million… because well, he uhm does (Lol). Anyway, now al you must do is click on his picture at the top of the page in his bio. You will find it up on the top left.

Found it? Perfect, now click it. Might be a moment or two, but you’ll be connected to the concert.

Now some could not seem to see the concert. The solution? You will need to refresh John’s IG page. To do this, go to the top of the page and pull it down with your finger. You should see a “spinning” progress wheel. Once it’s finish go back to Legend’s profile pic and tap it. You’ll be connected to the concert.

Still, having issues? No worries, in the words of Yoda, “There is another.” LOL… try hitting up John’s wife, Chrissy Teigen‘s Instagram page. She also chose to go live. When you get to her IG page just follow the same steps. Click on her pic in the upper left corner and enjoy the show!



John Legend Home Concert- What Went Down

So did you catch it or miss it? Even if you missed it, that’s the beautiful thing about IG and technology. You will be able to catch it later anyway.

Due to that, we won’t give to many spoilers; but being Disney fans and believing that Beauty and the Beast is hands down one of the best to ever do in animation movies (at us, we have time and want all the smoke LOL); we had to share this moment.


John Legend Home Concert


Chrissy Teigen and her fabulous self went live with John in typical home fashion… a towel and head turban. Oh… plus, a glass of wine (we have no choice to stan honey). And their beautiful daughter sat in for a time. It was during this cry worthy moment that Legend went legendary on us and played the lead song of Beauty and the Beauty.

Chills. Simply chills. Is how we can describe the performance of this song. John also kicked things off overall with a tune by Stevie Wonder. But as promised we said not too many details; as a result if you want to know which one you’ll have to just check out the Concert. So then, if you can find time to watch it you will not be disappointed.

Few More Details -It was LegenDARY

A man and his piano. John’s concert immediately was a hit. Now even at full compacity an arena can hold what, 10-20,000 screaming fans? Or let’s go bigger. How about a stadium? Well, according to google the average large stadium holds around 102-114,000.

How do these numbers stack of to the John Legend Home Concert? As soon as the concert began via livestream on social media platform, Instagram, it had obliterated arena numbers. Over 95,000 viewers had tuned in just minutes!

Moreover, the number just kept rising. Moments later the tally was easily reaching up over 110,000 people. A viewership that most artists would and could only dream of. Legend literally played to packed out STADIUM virtually. Epic. However, John made it worth every second.


John Legend Home Concert


His melodic voice didn’t need any extras. No dancers, fancy lighting or even pyro. It is a nod back to how music used to be; for those of us who can remember. Just having the ability to sing live and on the spot.

Legends concert echos old Soul Train episodes. The live performances of Al Green, Barry White and Marvin Gaye. Yes, I know I may not have been alive for those episodes but YouTube has them and I still love watching them with my grandmother.

Nevertheless, it’s nice to see a return of simplicity to the music realm. Don’t get me wrong, I love high energy dancing and Fire being hurled at me during performances (hi Michael, Janet, Ciara and Bey); but this is just as fabulous and was a joy to watch!

How It All Began

As we witnessed today, imitation is the best form of art! John’s concert was definitely one for the books. It all started as a simple tweet from John stating:

“My friend Chris Martin did a lovely little concert from home today. I’ll be doing one tomorrow at 1pm Pacific time. See you soon.”

Legend kept his word; and at one sharp we saw him take his “stage.” With nothing more than his home piano, cell phone, robe (he claimed errr… he was at least wearing underwear under lol); and a glass a water. Freaking… Legend!

Together at Home -Right Event at the Right Time

Furthermore, as one can see, John’s Concert is coming right when it should!

But there is some light at the end of the tunnel. Especially, for music goers looking forward to seeing their faves acts again live in the flesh again. While for now, seeing John play at home is the only and best option; he is actually slated to go on tour this summer!

While so MUCH information has been put out there in regards to how much time we’re all going to be under lockdown. So far latest estimates have us doing our thing at home till July or August. The source we are using comes the mouth of the President that was quoted in the New York Times on March 16th.

Read more about it in the above link. It hashed out the best “guess” that has been put together in regards to how long the Coronavirus outbreak; and official lockdown could last in the States.

But, with all that being said what is that light end of tunnel concerning John? What can fans still look forward to soon?

New Tour Who Dis?

Fans can look forward to John being back on the road. Now yes, all of the lockdown and quarantine lifts would have to be abolished. But since, John hadn’t planned to tour till this summer anyway; the odds are looking pretty darn good.

On John’s official website tickets for all the dates; with the exception of one, are already on sale. John’s tour will kick off in Grand Pixie, Texas on August 12th. With the date being several months down the line; it very well could begin without a hitch.



Or at the very least, he would only have to slightly move things around even if the Coronavirus implications lasted a tad longer. Legend’s tour extends all the way to the end of September. Therefore, if need be, he could flip his tour and work backwards.

Meaning push his tour out to September starting with the locations already slated for September. Then simply in October, go back to all the missed concert locations that were scheduled in August. Make sense? Well, at least to us it does (Lol).

Nevertheless, we are confident that John’s people are all over it and will do their utmost to ensure fans get what’s coming to them.

John Legend Home Concert -What This Means for The Future of Music

Chris Martin and John Legend are setting the bar when it comes to not only doing something good for the people; but wait…promotion?! Yeah, it’s true. Now while these concerts were used in order to spread the word on the importance of social distancing as well as various reforms.

The truth is, they were also great positive vehicles for the artists who put them on. Not only are you looked at now as one of the celebrities doing good things for good people. BUT you are allowing a lot of people in to see your raw talent and perhaps be won over as fans.

Think about the random people who tuned in just because who might now be tempted to see John on tour. Or perhaps those who were already fans who might buy a song or two; or stream here and there who are now pumped about seeing him live. Both groups were reached all due to a concert that was put on through a cell phone while the singer sat in his underwear.

Something any artist could do and find themselves raking in more money on their real tours. PLUS, these free concerts in the future could net such artists a lot of coins. Since let’s face it, big companies always figure out how to get a slice of the pie no matter how big or small it is.

Such companies could pay Artists to say their free concert is brought to them “by;” then fill in the blank. Or through product placement like in TV and film. It’s not hard to see that such “free” concerts in the future could net musicians and brands new fans and money.

John Legend Home Concert-Thank You Boys



However, we are not at that stage (no pun intended) or point yet and it’s nice to see that we aren’t. It’s something refreshing to just see artists coming together for a good cause. All this is so reminiscent of events like Live Aid, Farm Aid and Michael Jackson’s We Are the World.

Something we all can enjoy, yet still serves a purpose. As things around us seem to be crashing down at an alarming rate; there’s something soothing knowing that one constant will still be there to help pick us up: music.

Music is for the soul. Music is what gets all of us up and swaying with the drop of a beat or the heralding of a single phrase. It’s power, it’s useful and right now more than ever it’s needed.

All we can do is say thank you and tip our hats to any act that can take the time to share their gift with us. Because at times as such as this the saying really rings true. We may not remember but they say or do; but we never forget how they made us feel!