Instagram Layout Planner -First Instagram Planner to Enhance the Social Scene!

Instagram Layout Planner
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Instagram Layout Planner

Why should you use an Instagram Layout Planner? It’s because social media is a jungle! If you do not know what you are doing or do not possess a good plan of action; you can easily find yourself lost in a dense tech hole with no hope of digging yourself out of it.

Since the moment social media turned into a bonafide business things have changed. Actually, they still keep changing. Once you think you have it all figured out… BOOM you are back at square.

It can feel like the finish line to success keeps being moved farther and farther away. However, that does not need to be the case with you and your page(s). The best way to make a success out your Instagram is to plan correctly.

While it can be nice to hire a company to grow your page for you. It can be a very costly advantage. To the tune of $1000’s of dollars and that is just the first month that such companies use to get to “know you and your brand.” From there the price only continues to go up; especially as you tack on needing help with more just regular posts/images ( i.e. videos, boomerangs, IG Stories and IG TV).

Instagram Layout Planner -First Instagram Planner to Enhance the Social Scene

Nevertheless, do not despair. You can still achieve much growth the old fashion way… grinding it out on your own. While that may sound daunting; do not be afraid. As mentioned, all you need is a good laid out plan and of course, some time and dedication. So then, are you ready to start? Good, let’s do this!

The easiest way to keep yourself on track is to utilize an Instagram Layout Planner. We love the Instagram Planner by LOVET Agency. It retails for just $20 and is worth every penny. What can you do with such a planner? LOVET reveals,

Plan, grow and dominate your Instagram feed with our Instagram Planner! Start things off right with a profile checklist, hashtag planner page, monthly trends and vision boards to get started.

Then plan 12 months of  Instagram planning in one ultra fabulous spiral bound planner. Plan your month and week of Instagram posts, goals, theme, collaborations and other notes.  Fill-in calendar makes it easy to start any time of the year along with a motivational quote to get you started.

Instagram Layout Planner

As you can see, it’s brilliant. Literally, everything you need not only to get started, but set yourself up to have lasting growth. Some things you will want to plan out in your planner is the look and feel of your page. Basically, who are you and how do you want to present yourself to the world? For instance, are you are fashion person, fitness guru/novice, cooking superstar, product entrepreneur, health nut or perhaps tech nerd? It does not matter, but you need to find your niche and think of a style to your photos that you would like to showcase.

Another thing to plan for is frequency. How often do you want to post? Twice a week? Maybe just Monday, Wednesday and Friday? Once again it is up to you, however, YOU MUST BE CONSISTENT! No social strategy, no matter how fabulous will work if you are haphazard with your posting. Set up a schedule and really aim to stick to it.

Lastly, track your progress. With Lovet’s Planner you will be able to easily look over your notes to see what you have been doing. If you are not growing then things MUST be tweaked. In all honesty that is exactly what any company will do. They try out various techniques, see what works on your account and then adjust according. It gets to the point that they only do the things that get you growth and all the other avenues/options that weren’t working; get tossed out the window.

You can do the same! Put together your plan of attack and then evaluate everything you did on a monthly basis. Really look into what strategy paid off and what didn’t. Focus on the tactics that do work and watch your Instagram take off!

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