Fenty Beauty Flypencil -Rihanna's First Pencil Eyeliner in 20 Shades!

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Fenty Beauty Flypencil

In our loudest DJ Khaled voice, “And another one!” Rihanna is still stepping on the neck of the beauty industry with the second release of the new decade for Fenty Beauty! The Fenty Beauty Flypencil is the cosmetics brand’s FIRST EVER pencil eyeliner release.

It is coming in strong with over 15 different tones AND a sleek design that will enable any user to get a perfect application. How? Simple. Let us tell you all about it!

Fenty Beauty Flypencil -Rihanna’s First Pencil Eyeliner in 20 Shades



First of all let’s talk texture. Which is an extremely important aspect when it comes to beauty applications. If a product is rough or too dry, it is very hard to be precise. There’s just too much drag.

Beat physics with the help of Flypencil. Rihanna designed her eye pencil to have a smooth formulation. So that it will glide easily where you want to place it.

Furthermore, a creamy texture also helps when it comes to blending. With Flypencil you will not have to struggle with getting it to fade into a gorgeous finish. Blending will be a cinch; also, you will still not have to worry about resembling a raccoon. Due to the that Fenty Beauty’s pencil has amazing staying power.


Fenty Beauty Flypencil


Which brings us to our next point and awesome feature of this new product… it’s smudge proof baby! Yes and Amen! There is absolutely nothing worse than running liner. So then, no worrying because your makeup looks will LAST and stay in line all day. Thanks to Flypencil being water resistant and longwear. A real blessing for those who are very active (hello gym rats and BOSS ladies);  or are the type that hates to reapply constantly throughout the day.


Fenty Beauty Flypencil -Rihanna’s Big Reveal!


Fenty Beauty Flypencil


To fully get you into know about Flypencil; who better to go to than Fenty Beauty itself? Regarding it’s upcoming release, Rihanna’s beauty label reveals:

“We just leveled up our eye game! FLYPENCIL, our first ever eye pencil, is dropping in 20 smooth color intense shades for your flyest lines yet! Get you an eye pencil that does it all!

[For instance] our all new Flypencil in Black Card delivers a creamy smooth black shimmering line then smudge it out for an all over smoky and blinged out eye look!



Our brand new Flypencil is about to give y’all next level eye looks. We’re dropping a creamy longwear, water resistant eye pencil in metallic, matte, shimmer and glitter shades. To create any eye look you want from fly wings, to smudges lines! Pick up your favorite shades on January 16.”

Fenty Beauty Flypencil -Rihanna’s First Pencil Eyeliner in 20 Shades (Continued)


Fenty Beauty Flypencil


Now at the outset of this article we said that Fenty Beauty’s Flypencil is coming in over 15 shades. Well, there will actually be 20 in total! But in what colors?

Come on, seriously, you know we have you guys covered! Here’s our cheat sheet of all 20 tones WITH their fabulous names.

  • Bachelor Pad -Dark Gray Matte
  • Bad Bride -White with Silvery Glitter
  • Bank Tank -Olive Matte Green
  • Black Card -Strong Black with Silver Glitter
  • Cherry Punk -Cherry Matte Red
  • Chromewrecker -Light Gray Matte
  • Cute Ting -A Bubblegum Pink Matte
  • Cuz I’m Black -Matte Black
  • Grillz -Yellow Gold Metallic
  • In Big Truffle -Chocolate Matte Brown
  • Lady Lagoon -Electric Matte Blue
  • Moon Dunez -Purple Gray Shimmer
  • Navy or Die -Shimmery Navy
  • Puppy Eyez -Bronze Metallic
  • Puro-A-Trader -Eggplant Matte Purple
  • Purple Stuff -Purple Shimmer
  • Sea About It -Cobalt Matte Blue
  • She A Problem -Rose Gold Shimmer
  • Space Cookie -Dark Brown with Gold Glitter
  • Spa’getti Strapz -Coral Matte


Well now that you have been formally introduced to all 20 shades. Let’s take a closer look at them all! And trust us when we say… these colors look amazing on everyone!

Seriously, we are shocked about the kind of range these liners have. Whether you are light skin or dark skin; these colors look stunning. And they will actually show up!

No more eye pencils where you swipe and you don’t see a thing on your skin. Rihanna’s Flypencil is very pigmented and full of robust color. Giving your look the vibrancy it deserves!



Makeup artist and Global Makeup Artist specifically for Fenty Beauty; Hector Espinal, teased the new product drop by showcasing all 20 gorgeous colors.

In regards to the new pencils Espinal stated,

“Ready to get ya fly on? Dropping this January 16th, flyliner comes in 20 smooth color intense shades of shimmers, mattes, metallic and glitters.”

We ready! Check out how all these tones measure up on various skin tones below.


Fenty Beauty Eye Pencil -The Reaction


Fenty Beauty Flypencil


We are freaking out about this release and apparently so is the rest of the Internet. January 16 is shaping up to be a big day for Rihanna as both Flypencil AND Full Frontal Mascara is dropping.

Nevertheless, what are Fenty Beauty makeup addicts saying about the release of the new eye pencils? Here are a few of their cosmetic thoughts!

I have been SEARCHIN for a blackjack glittery eyeliner my whole life and it has been hard out here. So ready for Black Card!

Who tryna get this for me?

I swear just take all my money.

It’s good that you can use it as a eyeshadow as well.

These would be too fire in sand, a pretty green and deep plum.

“Y’all say going all out and I like how y’all expanded the Cuz I’m Black this time as a eye pencil!

Seriously! She is going to make me broke!

So they creamy, multiple, purposeful I love.

Oh word to big bird?!!



On my mama y’all make me sick. I’ll take four.

Take all my coins.

WAH! Rihanna is a genius.

I need these in my life.

Y’all are killing me! I’m still excited about the mascara.

Rihanna is delivering all of the eye products.

Look how pretty it is.

It’s coming out on my birthday I wish I could get one.

What kind of sorcery is this.

Out here keeping us awake!

Brooooooooooooooookkkkkkeeee cause all I see is signs all I see is dollar signs. I’ll take all 20 though.

My neck hurt. I can’t breathe!!

Do y’all care about my pockets?

Oooh I need this liner.


Fenty Beauty Flypencil


Wait this kind of cute.

I’m gonna be broke.

Y’all really do not care about people’s livelihood! I hate y’all but I’m still going buy Fenty. You all my fave.

My wallet is tired

Omg come through!

We are READY!

Wow the new. Please make a tutorial movie to teach us how to use flypencil.

Oh my goodness! My Fenty obsession is getting out of control now.

Will Fenty Beauty and Badgalriri let my bank account rest?

So What Is Going To Cost You… And Where?



We get it… Finding out about a product is completely fun and exciting. However, behind all the wondrous details one thing we all always want to know is… how much money is coming out of our bank account?

Well, loves get your cash, cards and savings ready (Lol); because Rihanna’s new Flypencil is retailing for under $25! As of right now, the Fenty Beauty states that each will cost you just $22. A reasonable price that is consistent with the price point of the other FB products already available.

Nevertheless, where can one pick up one of these eye pencils once they officially drop? In the same destinations as normal. We found out that they will be available for purchase at SEPHORA, Boots UK, Harvey Nichols as well as Sephora in JCP.

Plus, of course you could always head online to the official Fenty Beauty website to pick up your goods. The site is simply www.fentybeauty.com. Flypencil is launching on the 16th.



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