GiGi C Bikinis Nicole Faux Leather Surfsuit-Like a Beach BOSS!

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GiGi C Bikinis Nicole Faux Leather Surfsuit


We are just going to say it… THIS SUIT IS ABSOLUTELY SICK! The Gigi C Bikinis Nicole Faux Leather Surfsuit is our Fashionable Mention of the week because it is sexy; it is in your face and it is unapologetically edgy and Fab-ul-ous!

A nice departure from the same old suit you may gaze upon year after year on the shore. Furthermore, if you are the type that cares about making a distinct fashion statement; as much as wearing something with practicality; then girl… you have just found yourself a new piece of swimwear!



Not only is the Nicole well-made, but it is SUPER difficult to ignore all the detail that was put into this lovely piece of beach garb. For instance, the laser cut embellishments. It gives the suit a flair and personality that sets it apart from the norm.

Moreover, if all those little holes have you thinking that Gigi’s suit will be an uncomfortable nightmare. Psssh… think again honey! The material will more than make up for and eliminate opportunities for discomfort. AND don’t worry because there is lining.

GiGi C Bikinis Nicole Faux Leather Surfsuit-Like a Beach BOSS


GiGi C Bikinis Nicole Faux Leather Surfsuit


So what is this suit all about? What are you getting? Well… as you already now, we got them details (heyyyy lol). So without further adieu; in regards to the Nicole; Gigi C reveals,

“Can it get any better? Yes, it can! If you saunter down to the beach in The Nicole Surfsuit; expect heads to turn. Silky, soft scuba arms and sides with faux leather body. Tailored to perfection; its peekaboo geometric cutout design and ultra sexy high cut leg; make it a must have statement piece.

[The suit’s] lining creates a soft interior. [Moreover the] cutout design featuring laser cut technology eliminates rough edges and ensures ultimate comfort.

GiGi C bikinis are made of high quality luxurious European fabrics. We want you to keep it in like new condition so make sure you follow [our care] guidelines.”



We think this suit is absolutely stunning. HOWEVER, we are not the only ones! If you are even a little bit curious as to what people are thinking; and how they are vibing when it comes to the Nicole. Be in wonderment no more!

As soon as the GiGi C label teased their new surfsuit for the first time; TONS of expressions immediately began pouring in. Here are a few of their fashionable thoughts.

So beautiful! Love this detail!

That’s hot.

Wait for that tan, beautiful tho!

Dang!!!! Talk about sexy dolphin trainer.


This is gorgeous. I’d use it as a performance costume.

Siiiick design.

This is beautiful! Wow.

So nice.


This was made for me.



I  want this.

Holy sh** I need this for surfing!!!



I don’t surf but I want to wear it.

Cute AF but looks like some wicked tan lines lmao.

God I love this suit!!!

Yes Gi.

Yas queen.

This is amazing!

GiGi C Bikinis Nicole Faux Leather Surfsuit-Make It Yours

Not a single bad comment because this suit is fire. So… how can you add this suit to your wardrobe? The Nicole by Gigi C bikinis is available online on the brands dedicated webstie. Just head on over to

Now, let’s talk cost. Currently the Nicole is retailing for $375. HOWEVER… GiGi is one of the awesome brands that uses After Pay (YASSSS). So, you can also opt to pay just 4 interest free installments of $93.75. Winning.



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