5 Skincare Tips to Build Selfie Confidence

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5 Skincare Tips to Build Selfie Confidence

There are so many things that run through our minds as soon as our phones are suddenly held at eye level. Does my hair look like I just walked a red carpet? Did I beat my face enough or can I use a little more eyeliner? OMG…is that really something in my teeth?

As stressful as those scenarios may sound what could ultimately be a bathroom photo shoot selfie stopper is a dare we say, PIMPLE! These horrible little buggers seem to pop up whenever we are trying to be the wonderful diva we are inside. Well fret no more for now we present 5 skincare tips to help build selfie confidence!

5 Skincare Tips to Build Selfie Confidence 2

1. Aim to use cleansers that contain salicylic acid or alpha hydroxyl acid which are amazing ingredients for unclogging pores.

2. Always apply moisturizer after washing your face in order to replace any moisture that was lost during cleansing.

3. Of course, we know you must use your hands to apply moisturizer but that’s all the touching that should really occur. Continuously touching the face runs the risk of transferring oils or bacteria to your skin.

4. Get into the habit of exfoliating your skin twice a week with products containing small grainy particles or micro-beads. Using such products will not only help to keep pores unclogged but will aid in new skin cell growth.

5. When it comes to cleansing use the twice daily rule. Cleaning your skin more often then that on a daily basis can actually create more inflammation and acne.

5 Skincare Tips to Build Selfie Confidence 3

Alright girls those are 5 skincare tips that you can store in your back pocket. Now get out there and take some killer selfies! See ya on the Gram…

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