Black Hairstyles: 10 Celebrities Who Gorgeously Wore Braids

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black hairstyles 10 celebrities that wore braids gorgeously


There are numerous black hairstyles that black women are wearing to help grow and maintain healthy hair. Celebrities in many ways are at the forefront in setting hair trends that will have us all running to the salon to cop it A to S and AP. Here are 10 celebrities who beautifully pulled off braided hairstyles.

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Braids can look beautiful but to keep them looking pristine there is some maintenance needed. We will get into more of that in our next black hairstyles post. However, one issue some ladies come across when wearing braids is the dreaded itch.

We have all seen it or done it… the palm of the hand slowly creeps it way towards the head and the patting begins. Or if that doesn’t do it then as a last resort scratching becomes the next best option. Nevertheless, are there any black hairstyle tips that can be kept in mind in order to resolve this hair matter?

1. Dryness: Itching can occur when the scalp is very dry. In this case adding moisture could help to relieve any discomfort. Think braid oils as well as sprays and you will be on the right track.

2. Wash Cycle: The dreaded itch could also be a sign or indicator that it is time for cleansing to take place. Many naturalists are finding that using a dry shampoos do wonders to remove any itch.