2016 MTV Movie Awards: Kat Graham Dolce Gabbana Throwback

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2016 MTV Movie Awards: Kat Graham Dolce Gabbana Throwback

Beauty Kat Graham attended the 2016 MTV Movie Awards in a form fitting vintage design. Well… that is if you consider 13 years long enough for fashion to be considered “retro.” Graham rocked a gorgeous Dolce and Gabbana dress that was apart of the DG Spring 2003 collection.

One of the biggest fears of any fashionable woman is showing up somewhere and seeing some other chick wearing the same exact look as you. Kat kind of had the same moment this past weekend at the 2016 MTV Movie Awards. If time travel was real or possible we could of boarded a machine and went back to the year 2003 and find Queen Bey wearing the same DG dress! Beyonce wore the sexy number for the recording of a show at Dave Letterman. Actually, that far back Bey wasn’t even Queen Bey and even more so Mr. Letterman isn’t even on TV anymore; so most likely, some may be reading this like who in the world is Dave?! Yeah, girls that’s just how far back we just went.

2016 MTV Movie Awards: Kat Graham Dolce Gabbana Throwback2

Let’s move things back forward then, shall we? We think both ladies definitely had the physiques to pull off the Dolce and Gabbana gown, however, we think Kat’s overall ensemble was put together a tad better. Instead of black accessories like Bey, Kat went for more neutral designs. Graham polished off her 2016 MTV Movie Awards look with Casadeio sandals, jewelry from Sethi couture, Levian and Rachel Katz as well as an Oroton clutch. For this particular dress we prefer less is more, but let’s still give credit where credit is due dolls. Beyonce still was setting the trends back in the day that would still be just as posh today.

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