What is Muscle Imbalance -Is it Harming My Fitness Progress?

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What is Muscle Imbalance


What is Muscle Imbalance? Simply put, this occurs when some muscles in your body are stronger or more developed than other muscles. This issue can stem from bad posture, inactivity, or even be the result of an unbalanced exercise program to name a few things.

If not addressed, imbalances can lead to other problems. Such as pain, injury, limited mobility or even an unbalanced appearance. When fighting to get into as well as stay in shape, the last thing you want is any additional things getting in your way of success. Therefore, fixing any imbalances of the muscles is definitely something to look into ASAP.

What is Muscle Imbalance -Is it Harming My Fitness Progress



Now of course, the best way of resolving muscle imbalance would be to consult a fitness professional. They can teach you how to balance every thing back out.

However, with the horrors that have been 2020, we know all about wanting to save cost. Which is why we went and bugged some of our Fit Pro friends for a little advice. Here are a few gems we picked up!

  • Early Bird Wins– Identifying imbalances early is MAJOR key. Imbalances are not always so noticeable at first and they do their real damage way down the road. So then, catching them early can help you bypass unnecessary future problems.


  • Get Tested– If you are wondering what a fitness professional will do to check you out for imbalances. Expect to have your muscles, strength and alignment fully analyzed. They will have you do a series of exercises like lunges, squats and even core work to assess your body situation. Your final score will let them know what all is going on and what needs to be adjusted or worked on.



  • No Quick Fix– It’s kind of like putting on weight. It didn’t all get put on overnight so you can’t expect to lose all in just 24 hours. It works the same with muscle imbalances. These developed most likely over years, therefore, patience is needed. But we were reassured that with a couple months of well-focused training, a person can begin to move more optimally. Sweet!

What is Muscle Imbalance -Is it Harming My Fitness Progress (Continued)


What is Muscle Imbalance


  • Mirror Mirror on the Wall– The mirror at the gym isn’t just for making sure you look good for when your gym crush walks by. They are there to help you see if your movement is correct. Your mirrors at home can help you check for the same thing. So next time you workout try doing so in front of a mirror to ensure your movement patterns are right.


What is Muscle Imbalance


  • Change Your Mindset -“OMG, honey, look I can lift a 300lb man!” Yeah… that’s cool and all, but how was your form? Our fitness buddies say that people really need to move from a focus on how much they can lift to how well and correct they are moving or lifting things. Focusing on movement quality is what helps to prevent muscle imbalances. So take a few weeks to refine your workout technique.



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