Trainer by Fenty Coming February 26th!

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Trainer by Fenty Coming February 26th

With another number one album under her belt, Rihanna continues to rule the music world. Her fashion prowess has not dimmed either, being that she just showed her Fenty x Puma collection during New York Fashion Week. As the Creative Director Rihanna has much influence in design. On the heels of her successive showing in NYFW comes news of a new shoe, Trainer by Fenty.

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Rihanna Shows Fenty x Puma Collection During NYFW

Anyone remember the Puma Creeper? Well, you might if you were able to get your hands on a pair. The Creeper sold out almost instantly and the shoe world is gearing up for another hit from the Fenty x Puma camp. In regards to the Trainer by Fenty, Puma took to Instagram stating that the shoe is,

“Designed to draw attention, push boundaries, and change the game. Designed by [Rihanna]. Introducing the Trainer by Fenty. Available 2.26.”

We always enjoy getting fan reactions to big announcements. We find it is a way to gauge potential success and get some realism on the subject at hand. Here is what people are saying about the Trainer by Fenty ad campaign:

“Talk about setting a trend.”

“Work work work!”

“Ugh why is she so dope.”

“I want these shoes.”

“We want the Creeper ones to be restocked!!”

“I like them they kinda clean.”

“These are better than my Reeboks, that are no longer mine lol.”

So far it sounds like people are feeling them. Fans also took time to send their well wishes to Rihanna since she was unable to perform at the Grammys this year. Yes, get well soon Rihanna and congratulations on the new shoe.

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