Discover Your Skin's Undertone By Using Jewelry

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Discover Your Skin's Undertone By Using Jewelry2

Why exactly is it important to know and understand the undertone of your skin? Being aware of what category you fall under will help you not only beauty wise, but also when choosing various fashions. Discovering whether you are a warm, cool or neutral undertone will help you purchase cosmetics and couture that truly suit you. This is because you will know what colors are appropriate for your skin type enabling you to truly look your best. Imagine your skin looking more radiant and your eyes more dazzling and all because it is like everything you are wearing was specifically as well as specially made for you.

If seeing is believing or you just happen to be more of a visual person in general there is a simple test that you can perform in order to discover your skin’s undertone. All you need to do is locate two pieces of jewelry, one being gold and the other silver. You will use these accessories to help give yourself a proper assessment of your skin.

Discover Your Skin's Undertone By Using Jewelry

To perform the jewelry test first try on your gold jewelry and take note of your skin.

Discover Your Skin's Undertone By Using Jewelry3

Next, do the same with your silver jewelry remaining observant of how your skin looks.

Once both the gold and silver has been worn ask yourself the following questions and be as honest as possible: Which color of jewelry complimented my skin the most? Did I look better wearing gold or silver? If you answered gold then you possess a warm undertone, but if silver made you resemble a beauty queen then you a cool lady.

Now what happens if you looked great in silver and gold? Although very rare, this indicates that you have a neutral undertone which means the sky is kind of the limit. You have a much larger range of tints and shades that will look amazing on you. If you are not quite sure what undertone you are after performing the jewelry test you might benefit from the paper test. Lastly, at the outset of this post we mentioned that knowing your undertone will help you know which colors look best on you. Check out this quick post which reveals colors you are going to want to wear!


Discover Your Skin's Undertone By Using Jewelry4

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