The Risks of Dying Your Hair Purple

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The Risks of Dying Your Hair Purple

To be honest, when we first saw purple hair popping up we thought it was another cool, hip, punkish trend that would stick for a bit then vanish. However, it seems that more and more ladies are joining in on the purple hair trend. So then, what makes this bold hair shade such a draw for several voguish women?

For thing one, the purple color trend is the for the gal that doesn’t like to take the road that everyone else is rolling on daily. She’s fierce, boisterous and a kick butt risk-taker who takes names and then hands it back once she’s fully done with it. Basically, purple dyed hair is for women that aren’t the mold, they are the creators telling the mold what to do.

The Risks of Dying Your Hair Purple2

So okay, boldness is key to walking into a salon and demanding a pastel tint be applied to your tresses stat. However, is it really that easy to look that fab with a purple strands? As mentioned, this style is for ladies that like to take risks so of course there are some warnings and hair hazards to keep in mind.

Show Me the Benjamins Baby– This hair trend is expensive because after the initial coloring job you will need to go in for touch-ups regularly.

Beach Please– It’s hot as H to the E hockey sticks outside and all you want to do is take a dip. Uhm, how about no, that is if you do not mind losing your hard-earned hair color. One dip could possibly leave your hair color a different shade after the post dip shampoo and conditioning.

The Risks of Dying Your Hair Purple3

It’s Like You’re at the Beauty Counter– Whoa man you may feel like you are tripping out or having deja vu once you begin your journey of dying your hair purple. Finding the right shade of purple to match your skin tone is like searching for the perfect foundation. Trust us, one shade does not fit all.

Warned You Will Be– That’s the best advice Yoda will ever warn you about when dying your hair purple. There is not one professional salon or stylist that will not tell you about the risks of purple hair. For example, for a pastel purple color your hair will most likely need to be dyed platinum blonde first. Think Mary J. Blige then go even blonder…yeah, that could leave a mark.

The Risks of Dying Your Hair Purple5

Alrighty, so let’s say you were able to make it past all the risks and achieve the purple dyed hair of your dreams. Now what do you do besides celebrate with the hair gods? Maintenance dears, it is all about maintenance.

1. Invest in a VERY good conditioner that will help your strands maintain moisture. Dying can suck the moisture out of strands and ultimately have them looking quite lifeless.

2. Don’t you dare but a sulfate infested shampoo on your hair! Sorry for the exclamation point, but just wanted y’all to take us very seriously. When it comes to purple dyed hair aim for a sulfate free shampoo that is specially formulated for color dyed hair.

3. Back to summer activities such as hitting that swimming party that your crush is going to be at. Just make sure you look really cute instead and avoid the swimming pool water at all costs. Chlorinated water can fade hair color, so if you want your purple hair to fade then by all means go for it.

The Risks of Dying Your Hair Purple4

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