2018 Hair Color Trends: Blue Gray Hair As Seen on Eve!

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Blue Gray Hair

Leave it hip hop’s finest to have us girls wanting to pour a bottle of dye all over our heads! Recently, rapper Eve debuted a new vibrant look with an effortlessly cool vibe. Eve’s blue gray hair color is a part of a growing hair trend where wearers are opting not to go too blue or all the way gray either.

Nevertheless, you may wonder is this a hairstyle look that is easy to achieve? Also, what type of maintenance is involved? Moreover, is it safe for strands especially if focused on achieving more hair growth? We answer all of those questions and more!

2018 Hair Color Trends: Blue Gray Hair As Seen on Eve

Blue Gray Hair

Now if you are thinking of trying this exciting hair color, you may want to consult and utilize a professional. Yes, that means breaking out the wallet a little more, but it’s worth it. This is because getting a grayish blue hue usually takes more than one process. Consequently, looking for a highly recommended hair colorist that is experienced taking clients’ tresses to platinum, silver and gray tones; will help you get to this stellar look safely. You can also try Revlon Colorsilk.

Furthermore, another thing to keep in mind, is that it may be an arduous procedure to get to a blue gray hair shade. Translation: This kind of transformation can be tough on your hair. Moreover, the finished results can sadly be quite fleeting.

This fun hair pigment can fade faster than a summer crush. Therefore, it is imperative to take measures to keep any attained hair color as vibrant as possible.

2018 Hair Color Trends: Blue Gray Hair As Seen on Eve (Continued)

Blue Gray Hair

This can be done through at-home maintenance. Always use shampoo specially formulated for color treated hair. Using a blue shampoo can help prevent strands from turning “yellowish” down the road.

Furthermore, if possible try to stretch your time between washes. Remember this particular hair color fades WAY quicker than most. So the less often you cleanse the longer the color will last.

Also, remember hair dyes can dry out strands. So then, hydrate your hair often by using a good conditioner for color treated hair. Additionally, you can also apply hair oil to your tresses to give them plenty of shine, nutrients as well as moisture.

What types of oils are among the best to use? Apply coconut oil, vitamin E oil, or also Macadamia Nut oil. Use and apply these types of oils consistently for the best results.

Blue Gray Hair

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