Smudge Free Eyes

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So let’s say you’re out and about with the girls and you notice your eye makeup has become a little smudge-y. It happens to all of us at times so there’s no need to do your best impression of a Home Alone movie. Instead just make your way to the nearest restroom.

Whatever you do, don’t use soap and water to fix the problem at hand. If the soap and water gets in your eyes you’ll have a serious smudge on your hands, meaning things will look worse. Once in the restroom grab up a few sheets of toilet paper.

Take the edge of a piece of toilet paper and squeeze a tiny bit of hand lotion on it and gently dab it on the smudge. Take another dry piece and wipe it up. Then, pull out or travel makeup bag and dot on just a bit of your concealer or foundation over the area and dust on some powder. You’ll look bright-eyed and good as new!