R&C Fragrance by Ciara and Russell Wilson -The Chic Fragrance Duo!

R&C Fragrance
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R&C Fragrance


POWER COUPLE ALERT! The Wilsons are undertaking another BOSS venture sure to add more affluence to their ever growing business empire. R&C Fragrance is an irresistible line of fragrances intricately crafted by Russell and Ciara; held within two entwined, magnetic bottles. FABULOUS!

R&C Fragrance by Ciara and Russell Wilson -The Chic Fragrance Duo


R&C Fragrance


The Wilson’s fragrances include a series of decadent and luxurious notes designed to tantalize and excite! Furthermore, the bottle design also showcases the strong love and unity the pair enjoy with each other. Nevertheless, what can consumers and fans expect from the luxe scents? The R and C Fragrance Label reveals,

“How do you want a fragrance to make you feel? Introducing The Fragrance Duo by Russell Wilson and Ciara. Powerful sensuality entwined with addictive florals. Delicate touch. Dynamic energy. Lingering sensuality.

Introducing Ciara’s scent. A lasting irresistible union of creamy vanilla, fresh pink peppercorn and juicy red berries. Releasing multi-layered delicate florals; smooth musk and sandalwood undertones as it warms to the skin.


R&C Fragrance


Introducing Russell’s scent. An energetic statement greets you with a crisp; clean and citrusy coolness. A harmonious blend of patchouli; musk and vetiver renders an immediate appeal and unmistakably sensual finish.”

Russell Wilson and Ciara’s R and C Fragrance -Price Point and Where to Get It!



Sounds absolutely DIVINE! Nonetheless, want to add R&C Fragrance to scent collection? You can beginning on November 17th. However, if you are afraid of missing out due to high demand and interest. Ciara and her hubby are also currently offering pre-ordering via their brand’s website.

If searching online for it, look for: www.RandCFragrance.com. How much does it cost? Currently, this lovely set of fragrances retails for $90.



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