Late Night Beauty Call - Black Owned Shea Yeleen, Shea Butter Skincare Products

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Shea Yeleen

Tonight we are dialing up celebrity makeup artist, Melissa Hibbert! Melissa is one of our past cover girls and she always has the BEST tips. Moreover, when it comes to products she is always totally “in the know” and bringing attention to amazing brands. What is one skincare brand that she thinks everyone should help make a household name? Look no further than the black owned, Shea Yeleen!

Late Night Beauty Call – Black Owned Shea Yeleen Shea Butter

Shea Yeleen makes awesome shea butter items such as butter cream, body balm and butter soap. The brands says that their “products are sure to keep you glowing.” Can you say melanin popping?

Shea Yeleen

Also, some of their product line comes with tantalizing fragrance. For instance, their creams boast scents such as vanilla almond and lavendar honeysuckle, both are top sellers. Nevertheless, Melissa shared why she loves Shea Yeleen. She states,

“I’ve been using Shea Butter for years, but this is the first time that I am absolutely sure that my Shea Butter is coming from an authentic source. We need to be conscious of what we put in our bodies, our children’s bodies and where we purchase!

Shea Yeleen produces high-quality, unrefined shea butter products. Women-owned cooperatives in Ghana, West Africa are trained to produce, market, and sell high quality shea butter themselves. [All] while making five times the average daily wage. So they can obtain financial independence, access health insurance and be in a position to provide for their families.

Shea Yeleen

“Thank you Rahama Wright for the vision in bringing this phenomenal brand to life! Be sure to support and shop Shea Yeleen at Use code ‘Glam Life’ to receive 20% off your purchase.”

Wow! Sounds like this brand is a true game changer. Be sure to check out their entire collection of products you will not be disappointed.

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Shea Yeleen

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