Serena Williams Fashion Line - Why She Did It and What to Buy NOW!

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Serena Williams Fashion Line

Right on the heels of her first French Open win after becoming a mom; Serena Williams launches her brand new independent fashion label, Serena! The Serena Williams fashion line is a passion of Williams that she has been developing for years.

The tennis star shared that discouraging remarks from those in the industry; ended up being her biggest motivation to create her own couture entity. Serena says her clothing “designs are inspired by: strong, sexy, sophisticated, sassy, sure, smart, stylish, silly and spontaneous women. Who are living their best lives, or making it up as they go, kinda like [Serena].”

Serena Williams Fashion Line – Why She Did It

Nonetheless, do not just take our word for it. The 23 time Grand Slam winner recently shared exactly why she pressed on in bringing her label from imagination to reality. She says,

“They say life is about timing. I learned this lesson at age 18; when I chose to play a light tennis schedule because I wanted to go to fashion school. Some criticized my decision; but I knew I had two loves, tennis and fashion, and had to find a way to make them coexist.

After 15 years of false starts and people in fashion telling me, “No.” It only drove me to work harder. As a result, I discovered what it meant to invest in myself. [Moreover] I allowed that belief in myself to drive me to reach my dream.

Today, I am proud to launch, Serena, my own online shop. Never stop believing in yourself, you’re worth it. Be seen, be heard.”

Serena Williams Fashion Line – What to Buy NOW

Truly inspirational! Nevertheless, Williams’ fashion label has A LOT of cute garments to choose from. We hand-picked some of our favorites just to whet your style appetite for the entire line.

As of now the entire line consists of less than 20 items, but more styles are definitely on the way. Furthermore, what is there is beyond fab. Relaxed, yet very en vogue. So then, enjoy our sneak peek and get your shop on over at!

Serena Williams Fashion Line

Signature S Bralette $45 and High Waisted Briefs $40

Can you say comfort? When you are ready to take a day from string underwear and still look sexy doing it. Then it will be time to buy this set!

Serena Williams Fashion Line

Varsity Zipper Dress $195

A little tip… school chic will always be “in” and super sexy. Your welcome.

Serena Williams Fashion Line

Weekend Jogger $70 and Weekend Sweatshirt $60

Isn’t athleisure great? Break a sweat but still look chic enough to run errands. Thanks Serena.

Serena Williams Fashion Line – What to Buy NOW (Cont.)

Serena Williams Fashion Line

Modern Denim Dress $205

Ready to experience a chain reaction? Regular overall dress gets an overhaul with modern chain link detailing. Cute!

Serena Williams Fashion Line

S LOGO Tee $40

Serena is proud of roots and is she is always encouraging others to rep theirs too! This tee is simple and chic while allowing the wearer to rep Williams’ hometown.

Serena Williams Fashion Line

Palm Beach Slip Dress $125

A style of dress made popular by 90’s supermodels and more recently Rihanna; find their way into the Serena line up. We die.

Serena Williams Fashion Line

Knockout Metallic Jacket $215

Mama says knock you out! This two tone jacket has a serious fashion punch with tons of storage and a big trend… metallics.

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