Beyonce Twins Make Appearance at Beyonce and Jay Z OTR2 Tour!

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Beyonce Twins

Like seriously, it had been awhile. Beyonce Twins Make Appearance at Beyonce and Jay Z’s OTR2 Tour; and we (and the world) can barely believe our own eyes. There’s now more chub, more hair and of course, adorableness to go around.

Beyonce Twins Make Appearance at Beyonce and Jay Z OTR2 Tour

Beyonce Twins

What if we told you that the twins had been missing from the celebrity kiddo scene for almost a year? Yeah, time flies. Back on July 13th of 2017 Beyonce hit us with a fabulously dramatic pic of her and her two little angels; Rumi and Sir Carter.

Beyonce Twins

However, since then, zip, zero and nada sightings. From 2017 till now, the mom of three silently kept her babes in the background. Yet, older sister Blue Ivy continues to make appearances.

For instance, who of us can forget the 2018 Grammys? Blue Ivy brought her parents back down to a more “mortal” level by having her superstar parents feeding her; as well as holding her juice box. Legendary.

Beyonce Twins

Nevertheless, Beyonce is creating another epic moment with her children. Her second On the Run Tour with hubby Jay Z is now underway. It kicked off to a packed out stadium in Cardiff. If you are fortunate enough to get tickets you will be treated to a high energy show, hot fashion and awesome new photos of Rumi and Sir. Winning.

Beyonce Twins Beyonce Twins

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