Beauty Quickie: Fashion Fair Loose Powder for "Photoshopped" Finish

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Fashion Fair Loose Powder

Madonna lived in a material world and we get to live in a photoshopped one. Lucky us. Nonetheless, getting those selfies to look right off the pages of a influential magazine does not need to take an app, computer program or pre-set filter. No all you need is the right product. Allow us to turn you onto today’s Beauty Quickie; Fashion Fair Loose Powder which promises to deliver a “photoshopped” finish.

Beauty Quickie: Fashion Fair Loose Powder for “Photoshopped” Finish

Alright, so how is this possible? Well, in order to get the answer we went right to the source. Fashion Fair not only revealed what products are necessary, but shared a quick step-by step tutorial. The cosmetics brand states,

“Brush and bake. Our Loose Powder is excellent for baking… your face. For a “photoshopped” look without all the photoshop; [first] apply foundation and concealer. Then press and roll a very liberal layer of powder on areas of your face you want to look brighter; (under eyes, along the top of the jawbone and down the center of the nose).

Let the powder bake for 5-10 minutes. Then lightly brush away the excess. You will look chiseled all day!”

Fashion Fair Loose Powder

Sounds like a pretty simple process right? Moreover, Fashion Fair offers an array of powder shades that work very well on deeper toned skin. You can get a FF Loose Powder in both “Amber” and “Sugar.”

Want to purchase one of these makeup powders? They are available online and at your mall’s local beauty counter. If online you can find them at or at Macy’s as well as Lord & Taylor. They each retail for $26.

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