Normani Named Savage X Fenty Brand Ambassador -It's Very First!

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Normani Named Savage X Fenty Brand Ambassador

Rihanna’s savage lingerie brand continues to make moves and show it possesses the “Motivation” to evolve for the future. The latest? THIS  JUST IN: Normani Named Savage X Fenty Brand Ambassador! This is HUGE news; as the intimates brand has never had a face or ambassador behind the company other than Rih herself.

Is this good or bad news? Good. Very good! While numerous reports are indicating that Victoria’s Secret is in decline; this could be a real opportunity for Rihanna to slip in and dominate. Just like she did in beauty.

You see, 2019 is already a good year for Savage X Fenty. It saw sales reaching up towards $150 million in pure revenue. Additionally, the brand received another $50 million in fresh funding.

If that was not enough, Rihanna also put on quite the spread in terms of fashion shows. It lived up to the company’s mission statement which is, “Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty celebrates fearlessness, confidence and inclusivity. We want you to feel sexy and have fun doing it.”

Her show had it all. Dance numbers, top models, and a major biggie… ALL SIZES AND SHAPES! Where other fashion shows only send a size zero down a catwalk. Rihanna hit the masses with a show that showed REAL body types.

Normani Named Savage X Fenty Brand Ambassador -It’s Very First

Now enter Savage X Fenty’s new brand ambassador, Normani. This moves opens the door to connect Normani’s fanbase and image to the brand. Moreover, we are sure more brand ambassadors will be named in the future.

Nevertheless, trust us when we say Rihanna is self-sufficient and can drive the ship all on her own. Her influence has successfully launched numerous companies. However, bringing on others only helps to bring EVEN MORE hype and attention to the brand.

Victoria had her angels. Rihanna has her savages. This is honestly just good business for the ever growing brand. Plus, Normani is the perfect choice for Rihanna’s sexy brand. The girl has moves, that voice and don’t even get us started on that body!

As Rihanna’s lingerie brand enters a new era, we can only foresee good things. The competition is scrambling, while Savage X Fenty is just doing its thing and creating hype. Congrats to Rihanna and Normani on this awesome partnership!

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