Green Eyes

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Green Eyes

For the past two days the beauty world has been buzzing about the green eyeshadow seen on models during the Versace runway show. Green is not usually a tint that most women naturally reach for when creating their makeup look. Nevertheless, green is a great hue for girls wanting to explore color and move on from more neutral tints. Here are few tips to keep in mind to make this runway trend your very own:

1. When applying green eyeshadow for brown eyes it is best to use a green shadow that has blue undertones. The blue will accentuate the orange undertones present in brown eyes making them pop.

2. If you want a more subtle look apply green eyeliner to your upper and lower lash lines.

3. Black mascara will match green eye shadow well so do not worry about the colors clashing if you would like to punch up your lashes.

4. A nude lip color and bronzing the skin will compliment green eyeshadow very well.

5. Lighter skin tones can wear even very celery green shadows while it is recommended that darker skin tones go for emerald, evergreen and vivid greens to create the most stunning look.