Chew on This

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Young Woman with Facial Cucumbers

Your parents probably told you to brush your teeth twice a day, floss and if they were sort of hardcore had you doing a daily mouth rinse too. Oral hygiene is important to keep your chompers healthy, but research is showing that a good mouth also can have an effect on your overall health. Therefore, keeping things clean and in top notch shape will only help make you a stronger individual.

Nevertheless, let’s just cut the bull and be real…who really sticks to such a routine day in and out? Schedules get busy, school is the pits, work is hectic and then we all have the rest of life’s concerns to deal with and get through. Most of the population may have the twice daily brushing down, but flossing or rinses may go out the window. So then, we are inviting one and all to chew on this, cucumbers.

Cucumbers due to their fiber and nutrients can benefit teeth as well as gums. These nutrients and fibers help to massage gums and remove bad, harmful bacteria from teeth. So an apple a day may keep the doctor away but a cucumber is the right little number for oral maintenance.

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