Hair Wars: Light Purple Hair Color -Justine Skye x Amber Rose AND Tutorials!

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Light Purple Hair Color

Today’s hair battle is epic! You guys have been asking for it so here you go. A hair color showdown between two divas who know a thing or two about being a style chameleon. Celebrity mogul Amber Rose and crooner Justine Skye square up for a light purple hair color face off. Here we go… let purple reign!

Hair Wars: Light Purple Hair Color -Justine Skye Versus Amber Rose

Purple is a great color to indulge in especially if you are bold, daring or love to hit the music festival season. Nonetheless, it can come with it’s challenges, such as maintenance. We girl talked with several colorists who told us on average this particular tone will look fresh for about a month. After conversing with everyone we believe it’s safe to say every 4-6 weeks a touch up will be necessary.

Light Purple Hair Color

Funny thing is one stylist mentioned that at one point they had the color fade away in just two weeks and on another occasion it lasted 24 weeks! The main key is finding a great colorist who can do it right as well as having good home care routines. Such as, always use color formulated hair products (i.e. shampoo/conditioner); and use a shower cap when showering to protect your hard-earned lavender color.

While it may not work in the workplace; if you can squeeze this style into your current lifestyle you are sure to turn some heads. Just like with Justine and Amber! We love how both of these stunners rocked this look. Justine kept hers sleek and straight; while Amber added a tad more drama with a deep side part and slight waves. Therefore, who wins?

Light Purple Hair Color

You all came through with the votes and it was a landslide. While it started as a close match up, in the end 73% of you felt Justine’s light purple hair color style was the best. Congrats to Justine, you truly are the purple unicorn love!

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Hair Wars: Light Purple Hair Color -Justine Skye Versus Amber Rose … OMG VIDEOS!

Light Purple Hair Color

Ahh, don’t you just love a great bonus? Well, today’s Hair Wars comes with a bit of a treat, tutorials! So many of you DMed us after this particular battle wanting to know how to get a rich purple hairstyle; and if it was safer than going a paler purple.

To answer your inquires, the answer is yes and no. Oftentimes hair coloring, especially, when going light can require bleach. Bleach, when used incorrectly can cause tons of damage. Moreover, the darker your natural hair color, more processing it will take to reach a super light hair tone.

Nevertheless, this does not mean you can not get awesome purple hair all on your own. We just believe that seeking the help of a professional is not only less stress but safer. With that being said, here are a few amazing tutorials that we have watched a million times (LOL), that can aid you in going a gorgeous purple. Check them out and happy coloring!

Tutorial Number One

Tutorial Number Two

Tutorial Number Three

Changing it up a bit with this one. Don’t want to dye your own tresses? Here’s how to dye a synthetic wig a light purple hair color.

Tutorial Number Four

Alright, saved the best for last… how to go pale lavender!

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