Instagram's Sassy J Shutdowns Her Beauty Shamers!

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Instagram's Sassy J Shutdowns Her Beauty Shamers

Like many places, Instagram is not always the fun, pleasant locale for entertainment. In a world of views, comments, likes and dislikes many Igers feel free to say and express themselves in any way they desire. Even at the expense of hurting other’s feelings. Makeup connoisseur Jenae Toney aka  Sassy J has experienced both sides of the Instagram coin. Basically, the good, the bad and the oh so ugly.

Instagram's Sassy J Shutdowns Her Beauty Shamers2

Jenae Toney “The Power of Makeup” Before and After

Sassy J is known for her dramatic beauty transformations and amazing makeup insider tips. Nevertheless, despite all of her gorgeous beauty contributions some have chosen to treat Sassy J quite cruelly. Everything from verbal insults to rumors as to her condition have all been spread due to the release of her before and after photos. Jenae is a very confident woman who will not to let any Instagram beauty shaming get the best of her. With one post Sassy J shutdown every single shamer for good! She stated,

“People spend a great deal of time assuming the worst when it’s not even as bad as people make it seem. Just to clarify I DO NOT have Alopecia, but what I do HAVE is ECZEMA which I suffered from growing up and even had it on my face quite bad to the point of not having brows. So there’s the TRUTH. Some of you have said such cruel things about me, some even said I have some type of cancer when I don’t. There’s things I can’t help and having brows is one of them.

I don’t want to get them tattooed either and I PREFER to draw them on, it’s a SELF PREFERENCE and I wish more people would respect that. With all the mean comments I get on my before/afters you’d think I’d fold under the pressure but I don’t. I’ve used it to my advantage and have used my Instagram platform for good and positivity.

While I always get bashed for simply being true to myself, some of you be so quick to praise the fake and that’s ok. But no matter [how] much negativity I get, I take the positivity and use that to allow me to flourish and continue to do what I do. I’m my OWN TYPE OF BEAUTY, I’m no IG BEAUTY and I’m happy that I’m not. No, that does not make me better because I believe we are all equals but know I do ME and that’s how it will ALWAYS BE.”

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Very well said Sassy J! Jenae Toney is an inspiration to all girls and women who have ever endured negativity on any social media platform. Jenae has made the decision to be the beautiful, confident being that she is regardless of what others may perceive or think about her. A very wise, classy and sophisticated move. As she mentioned we are all equals so there is really no reason to put each other down. Instead lets embrace the beauty and talents that we all possess and be possitive. Life is short and misery loves company and who really wants to sit a table with people like that?

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