How Cold Water Helps Your Hair Color

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How Cold Water Helps Your Hair Color

If you want your hair color to look salon worthy as well as to last you will want to use as many tricks from your hair arsenal as possible. First, always start with a healthy head of strands. If your tresses are not in a good condition adding chemicals is only going to make matters worse.

How Cold Water Helps Your Hair Color2

The tip we will discuss in this post is going to apply when you have finished applying hair color and allowed it to process. While rinsing your strands it is better to rinse with cold water than a warmer temperature. This is because warm water opens the cuticle which in turn will allow your precious hair color to escape. Moreover, if your strands have been processed with more than one color or tint, rinsing with cooler water will also help to lower and reduce any bleeding.

How cold does the water need to be when performing the rinse? Of course, colder is better, but you do not want to freeze yourself. Go as cold as you can comfortably stand and you will be able to still reap the benefits.

How Cold Water Helps Your Hair Color3