Rihanna Stuns in Gucci Spring/Summer 2016 Dress

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Rihanna Stuns in Gucci Spring/Summer 2016 Dress

As of late, Rihanna just seems to make the fashion world turn. Whether she is wearing vintage (hello 2016 Billboard Awards look) or a modern frock she just grabs attention. Tonight RiRi was spotted enjoying herself in New York City and looking fabulous at the same time. The world’s favorite badgal heated up the streets in a wait for it… $3,500 Gucci spring/summer 2016 green lace dress.

Rihanna Stuns in Gucci Spring/Summer 2016 Dress2Rihanna Stuns in Gucci Spring/Summer 2016 Dress3

Images of Rihanna’s gown from the Gucci spring/summer 2016 collection

If the price tag of Rihanna’s $3,500 Gucci spring/summer 2016 green dress made your mouth drop down to the ground you might as well leave it down there. We are not done yet. We still have to tell you about her outfit’s accessories. Okay, everyone deep breaths…

Most likely after the dress you noticed the boots. Those bad boys are Gucci too. They are the Gucci Finnlay Leather High Heel Boots retailing for $1,990. However, the splurge worthy details do not end with those glorious lace-up shoes. Jewelry anyone?

Rihanna Stuns in Gucci Spring/Summer 2016 Dress4

Rihanna adorned herself with a $11,500 Dior Cannage Bracelet, Jacquie Aiche’s Cameo Rings and $4,690 Diamond Halter Bra. And oh yeah, what’s a chic look without a handbag. RiRi toted a $3,400 Spring 2016 Christian Dior Diorever Bag. Oh and yes if you were really studying the fashions worn during this past 2016 Billboard Awards you most likely notice a few familiar looking bracelets. Looks like RiRi is still in love with her $14,500 Temptation Three-Prong Bracelets and $18,900 Lorelei Ribbon Diamond Bracelet. We finally get to be corny here… Rihanna shined bright like a diamond!

Therefore, in conclusion Rihanna walked around in NYC in thousands upon thousands of dollars. Not in her wallet or designer bag, but literally on her. Not that, ladies and gents is the true definition of a bad Bih…or shall we say Rih?

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Rihanna Stuns in Gucci Spring/Summer 2016 Dress5

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