Happy Wednesday! 1966 Magazine Salute to Spring 2015 Fashion

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We just wanted to thank all of you for your continued support of 1966 magazine. We hope that you have been enjoying every issue as well as our posts here on our blog. We will keep it coming and happy Hump Day!

Fashion Notes: We couldn’t help ourselves we just had to share a quick tip! Don’t be afraid to let your fashions shine this spring/summer and we do mean literally. Shiny couture made with iridescent materials, plastic accessories (think Barbie) are a huge trend. Keep the look understated and streamlined by staying in the same color family or limiting yourself to no more than 3 tints.

Have you done your spring cleaning of your closet? What do you plan on keeping? Join the discussion on our Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram or tweet us @1966magazine.

Download the latest issue: itun.es/us/xfKML.i