Hair Question: How Do I Maintain My Asymetrical Bob?

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Hair Question How Do I Maintain My Asymetrical Bob

Hair Answer: In order to maintain the sharpness of such a dramatic look it is important to stay on top of your trims. Asymmetrical hairstyles need to be cut every 6-7 weeks in order to retain their shapes. This frequency should be kept in mind due to the fact that a regular blunt cut may last upwards of 2 or 3 months. Therefore, if you are considering cutting your hair into such a style knowing the upkeep and maintenance routine will help anticipate any additional costs.

With any hairstyle there is a bit of maintenance involved even when it comes to just one aspect of the style. For instance, if you have an asymmetrical haircut and added bangs you will need to mind the trimming of the bangs as well. So then, if you do have a bob with bangs they will most likely need to be trimmed every 4 weeks. Nevertheless, keep in mind that everyone is different and some will have strands that grow faster than others. Adjustments can be made based on your personal hair growth cycle.

Hair Question How Do I Maintain My Asymetrical Bob2