YSL All Hours Powder -24 Hour Setting Powder That Protects Skin!

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YSL All Hours Powder

We will ALWAYS stan a beauty product that comes with MULTIPLE and effective skincare benefits! YSL All Hours Powder is your go-to setting powder if you desire:

  • Flawless wear
  • Buildable coverage
  • Long lasting results
  • The non-cake face look
  • Shine free finish

Among other things! So then, what all can this setting powder do that others on the market just can not? Skip on down to find out details straight from the Yves Saint Laurent beauty brand!

YSL All Hours Powder -24 Hour Setting Powder That Protects Skin

YSL All Hours Powder

A formulation to truly rid your skin of the look of imperfections. How? In regards to their All Hours setting powder YSL reveals that it is,

“A 24-hour, multi-tasking powder that can be used alone to build coverage or over foundation for a natural matte finish and shine free complexion. This weightless powder instantly absorbs oils to mattify skin. Sets foundation, and keeps complexion shine free from day to night.

Our formulas rich pigmentation and translucent micro spheres create medium build-able coverage. That will not cake or flake; keeping skin soft and flawless all day.

[Furthermore] the Black Tea Antioxidant Complex helps to combat the visible signs of dullness and fatigue. [All] while protecting skin from pollution.

Offered in a luxurious, matte black compact adorned with the iconic YSL logo. This powder is a coveted accessory to take with you anywhere; at all hours.”

Like we said, TONS of benefits for the skin then just gaining great coverage. Therefore, are you ready to add this YSL Beauty powder to your makeup bag? Get yours by heading on over to www.yslbeauty.com.

The price to own YSL’s All Hours Setting Makeup Powder? Currently, each one retails for $48.

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