Get Healthy Skin By Eliminating These Foods

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Beauty Quickie: Want skin that looks as luminous as the models in skincare ads? Desiring to achieve gorgeous skin sans cosmetics so that one day you can say, “I woke up like this?” Well, then ladies you need to pull out the axe and rid yourself of the enemy! Here’s the honest truth on how to get healthy skin by eliminating certain foods.

Get Healthy Skin By Eliminating These Foods

Oh gawd, not the lattes! We need those to live! Sorry dolls caffeine is on the list of things you must remove from your diet in order to change the condition of your skin. If you have recently noticed that your skin isn’t as supple, vibrant or smooth as you would like then a change in foods consumed could do you good.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that this is not some overnight quick fix. You have to give the body a moment to showcase the benefits. Therefore, when committing to a change in diet for healthy skin give it at least a month to work. Trust, you will love the results!

Besides a cup of Joe, what other foods should be avoided like the plague? Cut out peanuts, dairy, soy, seaweed and sugary products. Replace these with dark leafy greens, green tea (rich in antioxidants) and salmon. If life seems bleak without milk aim for almond milk instead of cow milk. Moreover, drink PLENTY of water. Say bye bye to sodas and always reach for a glass of H2O. Be consistent and dedicated to these changes and very soon you will experience clearer, beautiful skin.

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