Riley Montana and Lindsay Lullman For MAC Makeup Art Cosmetics

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Makeup is a form of art. Due to cosmetics it is probably why we have such expressions as well as terms like “painted on” or “makeup artist.” Even the great Francois Nars was quoted as saying, “Treat your makeup like jewelry for the face. Play with colors, shapes [and] structure. It can transform you.” Makeup is powerful and an awesome tool for magnifying the beauty in all women. MAC cosmetics is always on the front lines of makeup innovation and their newest collection and ad truly highlight that fact. Here is a total beauty must-see: Riley Montana and Lindsay Lullman For MAC Makeup Art Cosmetics!

Riley Montana and Lindsay Lullman For MAC Makeup Art Cometics

Love to mix art with pleasure? MAC sure does! The global brand partnered up with artistic mastermind, James Kaliardos in order to design the MAC Makeup Art Cosmetics Collection. Models Riley Montana and Lindsay Lullman star in the new ad campaign which makes us want to get to creating!

MAC revealed why they teamed up with Kaliardos stating, “Known for his impeccable aesthetic, James Kaliardos combines his trademark glamour with chic minimalism. He teams up with MAC as one of the three makeup maestros to shape the one-of-a-kind MAC Makeup Art Cosmetics color collection.”

This art collection incorporates products that work beautifully on light as well as dark skin tones. This is why we are so happy that MAC used two models of varying skin tones. Doing so allows customers to see the line’s full range and capabilities.

James Kaliardos kindly shared a few thoughts on his portion of the collection. He says, “Empowering beauty! Precise colors and textures to look polished, finished and cool. Loved making this collection with a MAC team that has impeccable taste and skill. PURE MAC inspired products pulled from my 20+ year MAC Archive.”

With that much history you know this collection is about to be lit! Nevertheless, two other makeup artist creatives had a hand in the limited edition line. The collection also includes the inspiration and beauty touches of Diane Kendal as well Kabuki. Get it now in MAC stores only.

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