Ouch! How to Stop the Bleeding When Shaving Legs

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In the war against hairiness, the particular issue we are talking about today is a casualty we never want to see. Usually, on shave day it is just us, our razors and leg creams against hundreds of strands. We patiently as well as carefully navigate every crevice, every curve and then it happens… nicked. If you have ever found yourself  in this situation most likely you’ve wanted an option to fix the Red Sea going down your leg ASAP. Therefore, here’s how to stop the bleeding when shaving legs.

Ouch! How to Stop the Bleeding When Shaving Legs

Okay loves we are about to serve up some major tea and no we are not referring to any sort of shade (sorry Kermit). As a matter of fact your shaving legs savior may be lying around in your kitchen right now. It has been discovered that tea bags are awesome at fixing a nick. How is a tea bag able to help? Well, it is because it contains Tannic acid.


Uh, Tannic what? Tannic acid also known as Tannin is a chemical derived from plants. It possesses a rather “weak” acidity. However, it can still be used for effectively as well as safely for a number of things. Some wines even contain Tannin which in turn makes it taste more “dry.”

Nevertheless, how does this all translate in the beauty world? How can Tannic acid help stop the bleeding from a shaving nick? In short, this chemical has the ability to help halt blood flow. Therefore, by placing a tea bag on the affected area you can stop the bleeding and get on to tackling your hair or makeup.

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