Healthy Hair Tips: Should Conditioner Only Be Used On the Ends?

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Hair Quickie: Should Conditioner Only Be Used On the Ends Of Strands? That is a common hair question because for many years hair experts have heralded that opinion far and wide. However, is that truly the best method for keeping tresses well-nourished? Ignore the roots and focus on mainly the tips? There are plenty of healthy hair tips out there and we hope that you will keep this particular one in this feature in mind. Conditioner was made to be applied from roots to tips. See short and sweet.

Healthy Hair Tips: Should Conditioner Only Be Used On the Ends?

The origin of the whole conditioner only being worked into the ends theory came about due to developing a method for those with thinner hair. Conditioner tends to weigh strands down. As a result those with strands that are thin can experience limp looking tresses. If you have ever over greased your hair you probably have experienced this look.

Nevertheless, we are all blessed with various textures and that’s what makes the world go round. Therefore, there are some healthy hair tips that will do marvelous things for some and prove to be disastrous for others.

Yet, here is the kicker, rather you have thin or thicker hair this conditioner method does not work. By only applying conditioner mainly at the ends you are not giving your hair the strength it needs. When hair is wet it is at its weakest point. Science has shown that strands can even stretch up to 30% more which can make them susceptible to breakage.

Therefore, this means hair is fragile and requires extra support that conditioner can provide. Make sure to work your conditioner in from the roots to the tips. If you have thinner hair opt for a light formula conditioner. By ensuring the entire strand is well-conditioned your overall head of hair will be stronger and healthier.

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