Fresh Crop App- Quincy Takes Photos Next Level!

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Fresh Crop App

When it comes to standing out on Instagram; everyone who is anyone knows you have to bring the freshest, livest and most original content to the table! Gone are the days of the same old, same old; only the cutting-edge visionaries shall survive this digital natural selection. Enter actor and model, Quincy; whose new tech release the Fresh Crop App, is bringing photo taking, stitching and cropping to brand new heights!

Fresh Crop App- Quincy Takes Photos Next Level

Fresh Crop App

Uhm… sorry… RIP picstitch. Back in the Insta day circa 2012-2013 you couldn’t tell a SOUL that their picstitch wasn’t hot. However, as photos went to new “magazine editorial” levels; this form of post easily became obsolete.

Till this day, to bring in the likes your pic has to be BETTER than your post before it. Additionally, if you run a company looking for new fascinating methods to keep eyeballs on; as well as flocking to your page is becoming more and more important in this social media age.

Therefore, Fresh Crop comes into the picture (excuse the pun lol ) at just the right moment. It gives users the ability to create a multi-photo “slide” without having to actually perform some weird crop; that actually takes AWAY from the integrity of your masterpiece.

For instance, ever had a wide angle shot that you wanted to post but Instagram’s picture parameters didn’t allow it? Most likely, you had to unfortunately “Crop” or resize the original photograph just to be able to post it. This dilemma could lead to having a friend or two cropped or cut-out of the picture completely. Or deciding which part of the picture or its scenery you liked most and just showing that part.

Well, our fellow picture takers, those days are long gone! And you don’t even need to know photoshop to fix it. All you need is cousin Quincy’s new Fresh Crop App and your problems are solved! Let us tell you how easy it is to use it.

How to Use Fresh Crop

Just a few steps and you are finished. Fresh Crop is available for both iOS and Android devices. Simply go to your device’s App Store and download it. We found that Fresh App pops up quite easily; so then you shouldn’t have too hard of a time searching for it. In both stores it was never lower than the 2nd-4th option.

Once downloaded you will have to give a few permissions in order to utilize the app. Nothing out the norm. The usual. The app requires access to your photo library as well as camera.

Depending on what you feel comfortable with, you can select which option Fresh App will be allowed to use. In order to get the full experience and usability of the app; access will have to be allowed to your camera and library.

How to Use It -Continued

Fresh Crop App

Once you’re done opening the gateways to your library and camera the fun can begin! You are now ready to create some magic. Select the combination and size you are after.

For example, how big or small do you want your cropped pic to be? Do you want it square size (smaller); or photo size (larger)?

After you have made that decision then select how many slides you would like your photograph to be spread across. One, two or even three slides. Once selected grab a pic from your library; or take one with your camera then size it up in the rectangular box.

Got it how you want it? Perfect! Then hit the arrow in the upper left corner and let the Photo Fresh app work it’s skills!

Now It’s Time to Shine!

In just a few seconds you will have a cool “cropped” photo to post. If you like it, all you have to do next is click save. Nevertheless, if you’re not feeling your creation; just hold the photo down with your finger and drag to the little trash can icon. Once you start dragging you will see the “cartoon” trash can pop up.

However, once a photo is posted; to see the whole thing, all people have to do is slide the photo over like they are flipping to the next photo in an album. The difference is there will be no breaks. It will only look like one big, continuous photo. Sick!

Now if you have been seeing people posting these types of photos for months (we know we certainly have); now you can get in on all the fun and action too. With Quincy’s amazing app the process is easy, quick and for the less techy (Thank G lol) painless.

Fresh Crop and The Beautiful of Tech

Quincy’s move into the tech realm is an exciting one. Since the industry is still mainly composed of people not of color. Furthermore, we are not saying that any one who is not black needs to be pushed aside; but that there is definitely room in the market for black innovators to let their light shine as well!

All races have so much to offer this world. And it is always SO wonderful to see a plethora of people from all backgrounds making tech and other industries more efficient.

Therefore, to the Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Ray J’s and Quincy’s still left to be discovered out there. DO NOT GIVE UP! You can do it, you can make it, and succeed! We are all rooting for your genius and can’t wait to use your product of tomorrow. Congratulations Quincy!

Hey iPhones get the app:

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