Remy Ma Melanin Magic Cover Art! The Single Featuring Chris Brown

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Remy Ma Melanin Magic

Hold the presses! We actually have a say in this one y’all! Remy Ma just dropped three options of cover art for her upcoming single with the one and only Chris “Breezy” Brown! The best part? The Remy Ma Melanin Magic Cover Art is being decided entirely by the fans. Power to the hip hop people!

Remy Ma Melanin Magic Cover Art! The Single Featuring Chris Brown

So you how can you be down with this selection? Just go on Instagram and let your voice and opinion be heard. The three photos all convey different vibes of melanin magic; with the last two picks having more of strong emphasis on fashion.

Remy Ma Melanin Magic

Our favorite cover art pick for Remy Ma? Hands down it is the first look. Remy is front and center adorned in a gorgeous pearl makeup design. The art gets even more popping as your eyes extend outward taking in the surrounding melanin beauties. The overall finish is truly the essence of melanin magic… beautiful, stunning, often copied yet never as good as the original.

Nevertheless, which one are fans currently leaning towards? Here are a few of their thoughts:

“First pic definitely.”


“Love the first one!!!!”

“The first one even though all of them are bomb af.”

“First one a winner.”

“The 1st or 2nd.”

“Two ALL DAY.”


“Yess the first one got you giving face hunty.”


Got a thought? Don’t forget to go shoot your shot and cast your vote on the Remy Ma Melanin Magic Cover Art. The Melanin Magic single featuring Chris Brown drops this Friday (January 19th.)

Remy Ma Melanin Magic

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