Step It Up! Healthy Skin Tips- 5 Ways to Glow Like the Queen You Are

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Healthy Skin Tips

Healthy Skin Tips-Photography created by Cameron James Wilson of “Shudu.”

Winter may be upon us, but that does not mean healthy, glowing skin has to go out the skincare window. Despite what you have been taught, believe or have heard; achieving gorgeous skin is not as hard as you think. Allow us to unlock the key. Here are 5 healthy skin tips to keep your melanin popping all year round!

Step It Up! Healthy Skin Tips- 5 Ways to Glow Like the Queen You Are

1. Get Your Beauty Sleep– Clock at least 7 hours on those pillows in order to give your skin the chance to renew, restore and re-balance.

2. Relaxation– Stress can actually cause skin moisture to drop low and decrease firmness. This combination will make you look older than your actual age.

3. Diet Counts– Eating foods full of nutrients like organic fruits and vegetables can promote firmer skin and radiance.

4. Bust a Move– Regular exercise increases blood flow which helps to release toxins, develop a healthy glow through natural oil production promotion and nourish skin cells.

5. Don’t Skip Moisturizer– It’s tempting, but never skip this step. Moisturizer helps to combat dryness, improve the texture of your skin while balancing skin tone.

Healthy Skin Bonus Tips:

In movies it looks cool, but you may want to do what D.A.R.E and those TRUTH commercials suggest, avoid smoking. Smoking not only eventually kills and leads to a host of other health problems. This little habit can lead to diminished elasticity in the skin, premature aging as well as tons of wrinkles. Yikes!

Lastly, of course you want to keep those faces clean. Aim to always cleanse skin twice a day, morning and night. Also, make a pact with yourself to never go to bed with your makeup still on. Washing your face helps to control oiliness and avoid the build up of bacteria.

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