Clear Skin- The Easiest Methods for the Lazy Beauty Girl

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Clear Skin

Do you crave to be able to bare it all? Well, now you can! We are revealing how to say bye-bye to acne, zits and dry skin and hello to flawless, gorgeous skin!

As anyone on this planet knows getting a zit especially right before a special occasion can be the pits. However, with the following quick tips you can achieve clear skin and help keep it that way.

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Clear Skin- The Easiest Methods for the Lazy Beauty Girl

Clear Skin

Water Babies

Are you drinking enough water? This tip is so simple yet still many of us do not always make the best use of it. Drinking enough water every day can help us flush out as well as detoxify our bodies.

What can this accomplish? By staying properly hydrated we are able to rid our bodies of not only bad elements that can make us sick, but also elements that can create our beauty foe, acne.

As a result, it is essential to be sure to drink enough water each and every day. By keeping the body well hydrated with water, we can achieve not only a healthier body but healthy looking skin.

Clear Skin- The Easiest Methods for the Lazy Beauty Girl (Cont.)

Thou Shall Not Be Picker

This year make one promise to yourself, “I will not squeeze or pick my pimples!” When a zit pops up right before a special occasion, it can be very tempting to want to get rid of it immediately. However, doing so could prove to be very costly.

What some don’t realize, is that when you pick or squeeze a pimple you’re only making the problem worse. This is because doing so can actually lead to the acne spreading. So then, what started as a little problem can then become a much bigger issue.

Therefore, what is the cure or solution to this common beauty problem? Instead of squeezing or picking, apply a topical ointment or cream specially formulated to treat acne. Also, applying toner to the skin after cleansing can help to keep skin clear. Use Q-tips or cotton balls to dab on the toner to any infected areas.

Clear Skin- The Easiest Methods

Clear Skin

Nothing But a Food Thing Baby

Can you eat your way to better skin? In one word, yes! For healthier clear skin be sure to consume plenty of fruits and vegetables that contain vitamins such as Vitamin A and Vitamin C.

For instance, Vitamin A has been scientifically proven to help fade brown spots, create smoother skin, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. This is because Vitamin A has the ability to stimulate cells that create tissues that keep skin healthy and firm. Furthermore, this vitamin also helps to protect skin against UV damage as well as infection. Therefore, if you want fresh, youthful looking skin then Vitamin A is the vitamin for you!

Not quite sure which foods will help give your body more Vitamin A? Well, Vitamin A can be derived from such animal sources such as eggs, meat as well as dairy products. However, there are plenty of plant-based food sources that you can consume as well in order to enjoy the benefits of Vitamin A. They are:


Eat plenty of these foods and you’ll be on your way to gorgeous clear skin!

Clear Skin- The Easiest Methods (Cont.)

Clear Skin

Get You Some Sun, Hun

This final clear skin tip is actually going to destroy a popular myth. Here it goes: The sun isn’t completely bad. From the time we are very little we are often taught that being in the sun is going to destroy your skin and leave you looking like a horror film character.

Nevertheless, not all sun exposure is bad for you. Yes, extremely long lengths of sun exposure can cause damage, however, small amounts can actually be good for your skin. daily exposure to the sun can manufacture vitamin D throughout the skin.

Research has shown that this natural vitamin cannot only heal but help prevent acne. it does this by helping to reduce inflammation while keeping skin soft strong and smooth with a luminous glow. All you have to do in order to enjoy this benefit is to go outside for just 10 to 15 minutes everyday.

Remember, it’s all about healthy exposure. Short amounts and bursts of time out in the sun can do your skin much good. It is the longer amounts of UV exposure that may cause damage. Therefore, stay balanced with daily exposure to the sun, eat healthy foods, drink plenty of water, and don’t even think about squeezing or picking those pimples! By keeping all these tips and tricks in mind clear skin can be yours.

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