Runway Fashion: Chanel Cruise 2018 "Modernity of Antiquity" Show

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Chanel Cruise 2018

Let out your inner couture goddess dolls! The Chanel Cruise 2018 runway show oozed of luxurious flair rich in Grecian culture. Think exquisite draping, gladiator sandals, gold accents as well as wreathed, embellished headbands. Mr. Lagerfeld certainly captured the essence of Greece and brought it to Paris!

Runway Fashion: Chanel Cruise 2018 “Modernity of Antiquity” Show

Chanel Cruise 2018

“I see Greece as the origin of beauty and culture.” Those were the words of legendary Chanel designer, Karl Lagerfeld in regards to the inspiration behind his Chanel Cruise 2018 runway show. Lagerfeld constructed a breathtaking show that delivered down to the most minuit detail. Even the catwalk’s decor of larger than life pillars and stone work caused one and all in attendance to feel transported from Paris directly into the past. As a result, the entire collection is an ode to the grace and beauty of ancient Greece. Every piece as well as color palette tone was beautiful and fit the show’s overall theme.

Furthermore, what is a runway show without great hair? The Chanel Cruise 2018 collection’s hair looks nicely complimented the show’s couture. Tresses were pulled back into an effortless half up, half down style with the top portion being fashioned into a braid. Hair accessories additionally played a major role in making the hairstyle even more ethereal and extravagant. The results were so elegant and current they would be the perfect chic hairstyle for this season as well!

Chanel Cruise 2018Chanel Cruise 2018

Chanel Cruise 2018

Several garments and pieces caught our eye but one accessory in particular made us swoon instantly. A gorgeously decorated black and gold hand bag with an owl made its glorious appearance during the show and although small, made quite a statement. In Greek mythology the owl represents Athena, known as being the goddess of wisdom. Thus making the bag quite fitting. Furthermore, being slight Clash of the Titans nerds we could not help but be reminded of all the films as well as their entertaining characters.

Nevertheless, the bag, the hair, the makeup and of course stunning designs made a deep impression and etched a moment into the fashion industry that shall never be forgotten. Chanel put on one amazing show that has us even more stylishly excited for 2018!

Chanel Cruise 2018

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Chanel Cruise 2018Chanel Cruise 2018Chanel Cruise 2018

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