Bread Beauty Supply Hair-Wash --Effectively Clean Your 3A-4C Hair!

Bread Beauty Supply Hair-Wash
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Bread Beauty Supply Hair-Wash


When skin is sensitive, you most likely use products that are gentle. Why not use that same philosophy in your haircare? Hair strands can be strong, but they are still delicate; therefore, it’s important to use hair products that will not be harsh. Enter Bread Beauty Supply Hair Wash … a new age shampoo that gets hair clean without stripping the heck out of it!

Plus, it’s a curly girls dream. A product that has been created for natural hair lovers in mind that want to keep their hair, scalp and bounce at a high level.



In a world where companies don’t always care what ingredients they’re using. This brand is different. Their aim is to help cleanse thick, curly or textured hair; while bringing balance to the scalp and providing much-needed hydration.

Therefore, you will not have to be concerned about dryness, frizz or flaky and a dry scalp. Hair-wash’s key benefits include hydrating, smoothing and addressing dry scalp.

Bread Beauty Supply Hair-Wash –Effectively Clean Your 3A-4C Hair



How does it work? What’s in this hair cleanser? Bread Beauty Supply reveals,

“A gentle milky hair cleanser. For curl types 3a-4c. Inspired by sensitive skin cleansers for your face, hair-wash is a super gentle; lightly foaming hair and scalp cleanser that feels like milky liquid marshmallow to the touch. Hair-wash is like a shampoo meets co-wash. Super gentle but lathering; suitable for all curl types or dry locks.


Bread Beauty Supply Hair-Wash


Made with deeply nourishing Argan Oil and Aloe Vera Juice. [As well as] Lemon Tea Tree Oil for scalp health. Designed to give you and effective clean without drying or tangling your curls. Smells like fruit loop for nostalgia.

Bread Beauty Supply is here for the essentials. The must haves Like bread. We think you make good hair, and we make good hair products. For the curly, the coily, and or the textured. 3A-4C on the curly scale, to be precise.



We’re here because we felt like there was room for a brand that would look and think differently when it comes to textured hair. To that end, we don’t say things like ‘anti-frizz. For now… we’re here to help you wash your hair.'”


Bread Beauty Supply Hair-Wash


Want to give this nourishing and gentle hair cleanser a try? You can get yours online at SEPHORA or Each one costs $20.



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Bread Beauty Supply Hair-Wash

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