Twisted Elegance, Summer 2014 Hairstyle

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Twist Summer Hairstyle

With all this heat and fun under the sun the last thing you want to be worried about is your hair. If you are not the best hair braiding diva in the world a twist hairstyle will be your best friend all season long. To achieve an elegant and glamorous style all you have to do is literally twist your hair back and away from your face.

You may recall seeing this look during several runway collections of fall 2013, but this style is great for summer because it will keep your hair off your face reducing sweaty hair as well as acne. The combinations that you can do are endless as well. Some choose to utilize a middle part or side part, while some fashion their hair in a low chignon instead of continuing the roll in the back. However, you choose to style it rest assure this is a very low maintenance hairstyle and a great hair protector too.