Beyonce Adidas x Ivy Park Drip 2 -This is My Park Campaign!

Beyonce Adidas x Ivy Park Drip 2
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Beyonce Adidas x Ivy Park Drip 2

We got City Girls shooting their shot to get a PR box and Beyoncé being totally mysterious and cryptic. There is no denying… the Beyonce Adidas x Ivy Park Drip 2 is about to be INSANE! And it’s all going down before the end of the month.

Late last night Beyoncé began teasing her upcoming collection release and as soon as the first morning lights appeared; the Ivy Park brand social accounts followed suit. However, if you were hoping or scanning these posts like you were Sherlock or Enola Holmes looking for clues. Sorry to disappoint ya, but you are not likely to find anything much.

The first set of visuals that Beyoncé put out for her Hive to see are cool and beautiful. Three photos depicting a stunning sunset in an equally vibrant open field. With one simple tagline: THIS IS MY PARK. If you missed the shots here they are for your viewing pleasure.

Beyonce Adidas x Ivy Park Drip 2


Calming, a place we would all like to be after this crazy year known as 2020? HECK YEAH! The only shred of evidence to be derived from this photography is that the fashions will not be conservative.

Beyonce Adidas x Ivy Park Drip 2 -More Campaign Drop Visuals


Beyonce Adidas x Ivy Park Drip 2


But wait… there was more! What would a collection ad from the Queen be like without an appearance from The Queen? Beyoncé did not leave it all up to Mother Nature to indulge her fans. The second set of photography for her Drip 2 includes herself into the mix!

Mrs. Carter accomplished this in an old school slide film style. Each video posted to her social media platforms start at a different position of the “slide show” fashion presentation. Beyoncé with a few models serve FIERCE looks and poses straight on and side profile style towards the camera.

Did you get to see it? No worries, you know we got you all! Here is the couture slides posted by Queen Bey!

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DRIP 2 October 30

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Did You Catch These Too?

As mentioned above, with these first looks, Beyoncé was just about creating frenzy (which worked LOL); than about revealing the collection just yet.

Even though not much could be seen; there were a couple things that made us do a double take! Accessories. Could Beyoncé and Adidas be finally cooking up some other things besides just jumpsuits, pants and track suits?

If these ad campaigns prove to be any clue, there is a chance.

Beyonce Adidas x Ivy Park Drip 2


Beyonce Adidas x Ivy Park Drip 2



We spied some super cute logo glasses that we would love to see apart of the latest collection! Some modern thin frame bifocals with “Ivy Park” lining the sides and running along the front. LOVE!

Beyonce Adidas x Ivy Park Drip 2 – When and Why You Better Act Fast!

This doesn’t really bear repeating, it should be known by now. Anything that Rihanna or Beyoncé touches will most likely sell FAST. So if you are hoping to get a piece or two from this second collaboration between Beyoncé and Adidas; you better be READY!



Drip 2 will be available for purchase beginning on October 30th. So pray, send up a smoke signal and know your card number and pin by heart child! Since fans of the fashion line and Bey are already laying claim to the upcoming designs. Here’s what they are saying about the new release!

“Take all of my money.”

“I thought this was an album!”

”I love you! Please set aside some accessories for me. Thanks, cousin.”

“Girl I thought you meant this is dropping October 2nd. Was about to get a time machine and go back in time.”


“Beyoncé sis, can we get an abundance of merchandise this time? Sell enough for everyone!”

“Can your fans get boxes this time please????”


“I know you do whatever you want to do because you that LADY, but can you have more items in stock? Please!”

“You don’t even give us time to save money first!”

“Prepares card for swiping.”

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