Beauty Bakerie Sugar Sticks Lip Liner -For a Sweeter Makeup Look!

Beauty Bakerie Sugar Sticks Lip Liner
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Beauty Bakerie Sugar Sticks Lip Liner

Well… well, don’t you look SWEET! Beauty Bakerie Sugar Sticks Lip Liner is the newest lippie product to give your pout the most decadent beauty look yet! This new release is dropping in 6 delicious tones and the names are BEYOND cute!

In true Beauty Bakerie fashion, the cosmetics brand stays fabulously on trend with their “baked goods” product theme. Not only with the sugary packaging but lip liner names. Therefore, if you are a lip liner Queen, prepare your coins, credit and cards to add these babies to your makeup case and bags! Sugar Sticks Lip Liner is coming in:

  • Chocolate Therapy 
  • Creme De La Crumb
  • Current News
  • Jello Goodbye
  • Sweetish
  • Toasted Marshmallow

Beauty Bakerie Sugar Sticks Lip Liner -For a Sweeter Makeup Look!


Beauty Bakerie Sugar Sticks Lip Liner

There’s so much to love about this product, but why don’t we dive into the formulation first, shall we? Awesome! Right off the bat, Beauty Bakerie’s amazing Sugar Sticks have castor oil right in the formula! Why is this a good thing?

Well, it is because Castor oil provides A LOT of natural helpful benefits to the hair and skin. Particularly for skin, it has the ability to hydrate really rough skin due to being proficient in locking in moisturize. Additionally, if we just zero in on lip skin; Castor oil has also been shown to effectively fight dry lips. How?



The fatty acids in castor oil give it emollient properties, which means that it can help skin to quickly absorb it. Bringing relief to dry skin much quicker. All of this locking in moisture and quick absorption is important because lips don’t contain oil glands, like the rest of your skin; therefore, they are prone to drying out.

Moreover, in the winter season the air tends to be drier as well; which can suck any hydration out of your skin like a vacuum. Since your lips don’t have oil glands they become more at risk for being chapped; and that’s not cute. IT IS ALSO VERY DIFFICULT to apply lipstick to lips in that condition too.


Beauty Bakerie Sugar Sticks Lip Liner


So then, it is SO smart and awesome on Beauty Bakerie’s part to make a lip product formula that is beautiful on, and also nourishing! Yes, we love looking cute, but not at the risk at ruining our skin. Beauty Bakerie let’s you to look fab, without any additional worry. WE STAN! (Insert applause Lol).

Beauty Bakerie Sugar Sticks Lip Liner -Why You Really Need This Babies!

Have you ever wondered why people use lip liner in the first place? Not only does it look good and help add some edginess to your kisser. Lip liner can do so much more to help give you a professional finish.

Using lip liner can help you to:

  • Encourage your lipstick to adhere to your lips  better without feathering or bleeding.
  • Help to correct the shape or enhance thin or uneven lips.
  • Make your lips POP so that they stand out more.
  • Help your lip look to last longer

So in a nutshell, lip liner is to lip colors and lipstick; as what bass coat is to nail polish or primer is to foundation. Could you skip this step? Yes. But if you used it, it would really make a difference!

Without undergoing injections or surgery you can easily change the shape and define your lips. By how you outline your lips you can make them appear bigger or smaller with lip liner.

Additionally, lip liner acts like a cute little fence. Instead of your lipstick running off everywhere all over your face, lip liner helps keep lipstick safely inside the lip area. So you get a beautiful look that will not “bleed” and turn messy.

Now that you WHY lip liner is a MUST. It’s Beauty Trailer time! Our movie style trailer for all your favorite makeup and skincare releases! See more on our YouTube channel.

Beauty Bakerie Sugar Sticks Lip Liner -No Extra Tools or Accessories Needed!


Another aspect of this product that we are living for is the retractable, no sharpening needed feature. Since let’s face it, when it comes to lip liner looks; accuracy and precision are needed. Remember when you colored outside the lines in your coloring books as a kid? Didn’t your masterpieces look better when you managed to stay within the lines?

It’s the same principle with makeup. The neater you make your lip liner, the better the finish. Therefore, having a pencil with a good point is a plus and Beauty Bakerie is covering that base with their new lip liners.

Additionally, a retractable pencil will save you time and money. No need to have an extra sharpener on hand to keep your liner’s point defined. Also, who really to spend time dropping shavings into a trash bin? Altogether now Babes, “NOT I!”

Sugar Sticks Lip Liner- Where and How Much?

Want to add a new Beauty Bakerie Lip Liner to your makeup collection? We can’t wait to either! Upon release you will be able to get yours via the brand’s online store and website,

That just leaves one last question to be answered, the price. You guys are going to love this… this product is going for under $20! Currently, each Sugar Sticks Lip Liner by Beauty Bakerie shall retail for $18. SWEET!!!

Get The MOST Out of Your Fave Lip Products

We gabbed about this new exciting release with our resident Beauty Editor, Alicia Suggs, Owner and Esthetician of The L.A. Glow. Alicia had a few more beauty tips on how to get a sexier lip finish and get the most benefits out of your makeup lippies! She states,

“I would also suggest to exfoliate your lips before applying your lip products. Since our lips are usually dry it’s good to slough away dead skin cells that can accumulate.

You can do this buy using a physical exfoliant like my Hibiscus Blueberry exfoliant. Exfoliants help to decongest the pores and exfoliate the skin to receive the oxygen enhancing vitamins and minerals found in the products core ingredient list.

Make sure whatever exfoliant you use that its gentle and moisturizing at the same time. This way you then can have a smooth surface to work with to apply your beauty bakerie lip favorites.”

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