Angela Simmons Skincare Line-Getting Us Clearer Faster!

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Angela Simmons Skincare Line


Angela Simmons is not that type of “celebrity kid” who just lives on the coins of their successful parent(s). Not that there’s anything wrong with doing that in the first place (hey if you got it, you got it). Nevertheless, Angela is the type of woman who works HARD to make her own way. Therefore, we were not surprised to learn of an Angela Simmons Skincare Line to be in the works; that will give users healthier, radiant and more clearer skin!

Simmons recently teased her upcoming beauty line via social media. Angela hit up Instagram and posted a series of a video and picture that perfectly highlights her smooth, fresh looking skin. Which we are sure was done in order to give onlookers a peek at what type of results can be achieved from using her products. In a caption regarding her skincare line Angela stated,

“Beyond excited about my new skin care line dropping. I’ve been working in the lab. I’m really into face serums… can’t wait! I’ve been testing it on my skin for the last month. Stay tuned!”

Angela Simmons Skincare Line-Getting Us Clearer Faster



Now if you are thinking, well, this all sounds good because I’ve been looking for products; BUT I have sensitive skin… how will this help me? Take heart. Simmons did not leave you out in the cold! A fan of Angela’s with sensitive skin was brave enough to ask Simmons, “Hi Angela Simmons. Will this work for those with sensitive skin and acne?”

The response? Angela kept things simple and confident by excitedly responding, “Yes and yes!” Therefore, if you are looking for skincare products that will be gentle and effective in treating breakouts; thus far Angela’s seems to be just what the beauty doctor ordered!

Lastly, we were able to find out one other interesting detail about Simmons skincare collection. The starlet confirmed that her products will also be vegan. What does that mean? It refers to products that are not produced from an animal or animal byproduct. So then, in essence you can expect items to be made from plants, minerals or safe synthetic ingredients.

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