Tricks to Naturally Lengthen Eyelashes

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Tricks to Naturally Lengthen Eyelashes

Get ready to bad those eyes like never before! Sexier, massive popping eyelashes can be yours without adding falsies or extensions! Read on to learn some quick, natural as well as safe tricks.

Before going to bed coat your lashes with petroleum jelly aka. Vaseline to give lashes moisturize as well as give them a longer and fuller appearance. Moreover, adding moisture to your lash line will stimulate hair follicles and will help them grow. Keep to this nightly routine and you can see results in about a month and a half.

While we are on the topic of hair growth, just like your scalp, your lashes can be stimulated with brushing. Therefore, use a eyebrow brush to gently brush lashes every day. From start to finish you should be working on each eye for around 5 minutes.

Lastly, lip balm is a great product to instantly add more fullness and curl to your lashes. Using flavored lip balm, slide the balm across your lashes right at the base. Apply the balm before you use a curl or layer on mascara to boost the curl pattern of your lashes. Or you may choose to apply the lip balm at night before bed to give lashes rich moisture.

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