Glaze Hair Between Hair Color Appointments

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Glaze Hair Between Hair Color Appointments

To glaze or not to glaze, that is the question. We say glaze and in this quick post we will share a few good reasons that may help you make your own hair decision. Fading and dullness is often a complaint of women who regularly color their tresses. Therefore, to keep hair color on point longer it is highly recommended to use a hair color glaze which can be found at the local drugstore.

Hair glazes help add as well as infuse moisture back into color treated hair, smooths strands and helps to fill in rough spots or holes in your hair cuticles. All of these benefits culminate to make color last longer, look better and stay brighter. So then, adding a hair glaze to your hair routine will help your color last until your next appointment.

Glaze Hair Between Hair Color Appointments2

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