Beauty Release! Huda Beauty New Nude Palette -Matte and Glitters!

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Huda Beauty New Nude Palette

Y’all… Huda Beauty has got that new new. Just when you thought your eyes couldn’t look any prettier; this drop happens! The Huda Beauty New Nude Palette is your answer to looking dazzling in pinks! Be the rose of the ball in sultry tones and hues fit for a true makeup queen. Get your hands on this enchanting eyeshadow cosmetics item for just $65. Regarding her new eye-popping release Huda states,

“This [New Nude] palette is so special for me and my team because we really wanted to celebrate YOU. We want you to be sexy for you and not for anyone else! I can’t wait for you guys to try it.

Beauty Release! Huda Beauty New Nude Palette -Matte and Glitters

Huda Beauty New Nude Palette

So what exactly will you be getting if your purchase the Huda Beauty New Nude Palette? Well, inside you will find:

  • 10 Matte Eyeshadows
  • 4 Multi- Reflective Shades
  • 2 Glitters
  • 1 Pressed Pearl
  • 1 Base

This palette slides seamlessly into hot makeup trends. Shimmery eye color continues to be a highly sought eye look. This palettes 4 Multi-Reflective Shades contain flecks of different pearls that give off a duo-chromatic shine. They can be used over mattes for subtlety or alone for a stand out glow.

The palettes 2 Glitters also create a hypnotic effect. They too have a pearl formula that can be packed together with a dense brush for an intense sparkle. So then, if your makeup goals include radiant eyes, this palette is definitely for you!

Huda Beauty New Nude Palette

Now, we have explained in detail about the more “metallic” shades; therefore, you may be wondering at the 10 Matte eyeshadows. Well, matte tones are great because you can add vibrancy or smoke to your look without

Plus, we really love the matte shades in this palette because of their formula. So often, makeup can cause skin issues like clogged pores or dry skin. Makeup isn’t meant to be nourishing, it is meant to make you look good. However, we are always thrilled when beauty brands at least try to help out our delicate skin. Huda’s matte shadows are formulated with Aloe Vera and Coconut Oil. These ingredients allow for a butter-like application as well as easy blendability.

Beauty Release! Huda Beauty New Nude Palette -Matte and Glitters (Continued)

After you create the eye look of your dreams of course you want it to last as LONG as possible. Fortunately, Huda Beauty took care of this little issue. The Huda Beauty New Nude Palette comes with 1 Concealer Base. This creamy concealer is perfect for providing a smooth canvas and “foundation” for eyeshadows; while helping to boost shadow tone intensity.

Huda Beauty New Nude Palette

Lastly, one other awesome feature of this product are the 3 double ended brushes. Each brush is designed differently, but effectively in order to help make the eyeshadow application process easy as well as come away with a professional finish.

There is a makeup brush with an angled fluffy brush and if you flip it you will find the same type of brush just smaller. This tool is great for blending shadows in creases. You will also find a brush that can be used to apply color to your bottom lash line. Additionally, the New Nude Palette also comes with a “feather blender” that can be utilized in order to apply foiled eyeshadows.

Beauty Notes: How does this palette swatch up? Below you will find swatches showcasing how each tone looks on light as well as dark skin. Enjoy!

Huda Beauty New Nude Palette Huda Beauty New Nude Palette

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